Favourite Harrison Ford Film?

Favourite Harrison Ford Film?

Today Harrison Ford turns 73(!), and I thought it would be a fun to see what film that he has been in is everybody’s favourite. The obvious contenders are undoubtedly Blade Runner, Indiana Jones or a Star Wars film, but he has been in quite a few of other very good films and you may decide one of them is your favourite.


An underrated film that seems to go under the radar when talking about his best films is The Fugitive which I personally loved. Witness also seems to be a film that isn’t talked about an awful lot and is also another one that I really liked. Give both of these a watch if you haven’t!

My personal favourite of his is Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.


So, what is everyone’s favourite Harrison Ford film? Leave comments and let’s find out! 🙂


15 thoughts on “Favourite Harrison Ford Film?

  1. Yes, Star Wars and Indiana Jones films (bar the last one, didn’t like that one too much) were good. I also quite enjoyed Sabrina and Regarding Henry. If I think about what to me is his best work so far, I think I would have to go for Witness!

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