Another lockdown wrap-up

Another lockdown wrap-up

This is the second update/wrap-up of some of the things I’ve been doing while in the UK lockdown, which began on 23 March. For those of you not aware, some of the restrictions in the the UK were relaxed on 4 July – like travel, opening of restaurants and pubs, plus non-essential shops – except for Leicester/Leicestershire…which is where I live! This is due to the city being a bit of a ‘hotspot’ for cases of the virus. Finally, though, the area within the county that I live will exit lockdown in a week…I’m counting down the days!! Anyway, here’s a look at some of the books, films and TV shows I’ve been consuming lately.



On Her Majesty’s Secret Service by Ian Fleming
One of my favourite Bond books I have read thus far. A great blend of imaginative trickery, a cunning adversary and the usual, smart detective work that Bond employs when he doesn’t have any gadgets to call upon.

Lincoln’s Last Trial by Dan Abrams and David Fisher
Having enjoyed reading Conan Doyle for the Defence by Margalit Fox earlier this year, I was on the lookout for something similar. And through my research on Goodreads and Amazon, I found this gem. It concerns a trial where Lincoln, who was a prominent lawyer before he became president, is defending a man who is facing a charge of murder. It is an interesting story and a great insight into one of history’s most famous men.

Endurance by Alfred Lansing
I was in the mood for reading another book about an interesting individual, and I came across this one. Endurance tells the tale of British explorer Ernest Shackleton’s 1914 attempt to reach the South Pole. Famously, the Endurance ship became locked in an island of ice, which led to a legendary and harrowing ordeal for Shackleton and his crew of twenty-seven men as they attempt to survive.


Fire Saga
This film completely took me by surprise. Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams make an unlikely duo as Icealandic singers who embark on a journey to Eurovision. The songs are undoubtedly the best part of the film, and the final one gave me chills.

Le Mans ’66
Having watched (and loved) this film at the cinema, I knew what was in store when I began watching this at home. A thrill-fest with brilliant action, sound, cinematography and nice moments of light-hearted comedy. One of my favourite recent films.

Bit of a cheat having it down as film, given that it is a recorded theatre performance… That aside, Hamilton is an exceptional modern musical and I have been singing the songs repeatedly since watching it last week. My favourite song at the moment is ‘Wait for it’… for the fans out there that are interested!


Brooklyn 99
I have just watched the sixth season on Netflix and I can’t wait to watch the seventh season when it comes online in April next year. Such a funny show and I love every single character. Nothing more to say other than…NINE NINE!!!

Salisbury Poisonings
This BBC drama was an interesting watch and commentary on the Salisbury poisonings, and quite timely given how easily the Novichok nerve agent could be transmitted from person to person. Definitely one for someone interested in the response by the government and public health bodies.

The Last Dance
I’m not a basketball fan but this is one of the best sports documentaries I have ever watched. The life of Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls were riveting and I couldn’t wait to watch the next episode. MJ is possibly one of the most inspirational people I have seen and heard.

Money Heist
I’ve finished the first season on Netflix and I am a few episodes into season two. It’s been enjoyable and I’ve liked some of the twists and forward planning that has gone into it, but some of the twists, decision making and near misses have been too unbelievable to believe. Hoping the show doesn’t lose its way…


That’s all for now, hoping I can do a funner update once I am out of lockdown!

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One thought on “Another lockdown wrap-up

  1. North Carolina did start be on lockdown in March. My state is already not in Lockdown: we are able to walk on the Greenways, restaurants are open (not all, but the ones that are opened use social distancing, and you can actually go into them to just take out). Recently, NC has started a mask mandate.

    But what I badly want to reopen are Blumenthal’s Belk Theater and Ovens Auditorium. Those two theaters host musicals in Charlotte. Two musicals I wanted to see this year got postponed. So hopefully before October 2021- Hadestown is coming at that point, an added show to Blumenthal. Blumenthal actually said this is their biggest season yet, and promised they will return.

    I did see the Disney + of Hamilton, and really not much of a fan.

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