The Goes Wrong Show ★★★★☆

The Goes Wrong Show
Channel: BBC
Starring: Henry Shields, Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer, Bryony Corrigan, Nancy Zamit, Charlie Russell, Dave Hearn, Greg Tannahill, Chris Leask
Writers: Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer, Henry Shields

IMDb Rating |  8.0
Humpo Show Rating | 8.0

The Goes Wrong Show

A wonderfully comical series of hand-crafted, half hours of theatrical catastrophe from The Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society.

Being a huge fan of the theatre company, Mischief Theatre, I knew I had to watch their debut TV series when it came to the BBC. If you have enjoyed watching the Goes Wrong Show, be sure to check out the Play That Goes Wrong, A Comedy About a Bank Robbery and Magic Goes Wrong productions that are being performed in London and on UK tours. And vice versa.

Here are some very short reviews of each episode…

The Spirit of Christmas
Santa and his elves try to bring festive happiness to a sad little girl and her constantly-fighting parents…

An absolutely fantastic episode to start the series! Henry Lewis’s Santa was hilarious: the drunkenness, overly aggressive comments and the physical slapstick comedy was brilliant to watch.

Favourite moment: Santa accidentally bashing the little girl over the head with a sack full of presents

Goes Wrong Show

The Pilot (Not The Pilot)
A Second World War drama, rarely performed because of its historical inaccuracy and poor research…

Henry Shields was excellent as Rufus Heal, a former pilot now code breaker in a top secret Allied facility after losing his leg. The poorly-designed set (a feature throughout the series) made for some hilarious moments, with the actors squeezed in tight places. Nancy Zamit’s shower scene was hysterical and Charlie Russell’s posh voice and fourth wall eye contact was brilliant!

Favourite moment: the door not opening…

A Trial to Watch
A legal drama is performed, but a design error has rendered one of the main sets ‘a little snug’ and the team’s plan to move the remaining sets in and out baffles the stage crew…

A brilliant use of set design! Bryony Corrigan and Jonathan Sayer were excellent in their roles as prosecutor and defence. Their awkwardness made for some very funny exchanges in and out of the courtroom.

Favourite moment: the tiny hammer!

Goes Wrong Show

The Lodge
A sixties-set horror, as the mysterious Albert Fortenoy welcomes a young family to his crumbling old house. What is the secret behind the death of Albert’s late wife Vera?

I think we’ll remember this episode for the stairlift…not something you’d think of for a horror.

Favourite moment: “GET OUT!”

Harper’s Locket
A period romance, a classic tale of family, duty and love across the class divide…

My favourite episode of the series. There were so many laugh out loud moments – probably the episode that matches the standards set by the Play Goes Wrong (their best work). Everything from the misbehaving doors, falling apart set, cat, horse and so much more all helped to create a marvellously funny show.

Favourite moment: the carving of the rump…

90 Degrees
A father from the American South is about to pass away, so his children come to visit him one final time…

A problem with the set design sees parts of the set built at 90 degree angles – leading to some not only comical circumstances, but some great acting. Dave Hearn was very good in this episode! I particularly liked everyone’s southern accents, the dog and Nancy’s misbehaving boobs.

Favourite moment: the inner monologue of the dog!

Goes Wrong Show

The Humpo Show | Richard

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