The Then (And Now) Blogathon | Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) ★★★★★
Humpo Show Rating | 9.5
IMDb Rating | 8.5
Starring: Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Paul Freeman, John Rhys-Davies, Ronald Lacey, Denholm Elliott, Wolf Kahler
Director: Steven Spielberg
Plot Summary: Archaeologist and adventurer Indiana Jones is hired by the U.S. government to find the Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis. (IMDb)

This classic film needs no introduction…but I’m going to give one anyway! Raiders of the Lost Ark is the first film of the Indiana Jones franchise that has spawned 3 sequels and has raked in over a billion dollars at the box office. This film received 5 Academy Awards and it also solidified Harrison Ford as a leading action actor following on from his success as Han Solo in the Star Wars films. Harrison Ford is my subject topic for my entry in Thoughts All Sorts and Weegiemidget’s blogathon Then and Now. This film was released in 1981 and my second entry in the Now and Then post is Ford’s film Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull which was released 27 years after. 

Harrison Ford is at his swashbuckling best as the adventurous archaeologist as he travels to Nepal, Egypt and an Aegean island in an exciting battle with the Nazis for the Ark of the Covenant. The Nazis believe that if they possess the item, their armies will become invincible. The US Government employ Jones to prevent the Nazis from obtaining the Ark and thus the story begins, and it becomes one of Ford’s defining films, as well as one of the most popular action films of all time.  Continue reading

Short Film Ratings (Star Wars Special)

Short Film Ratings (Star Wars Special)

With the Star Wars Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens premiere over and the release date only a couple of days away, I thought I would do a dedicated Short Film Ratings to all of the Star Wars films. Let me know what your order of the Star Wars films is the best in your eyes. Mine is… IV, V, VI, III, II, I.

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My 100th Post!

My 100th Post!

With it being my 100th post, I thought I would share some things about me, and I have done that through some top tens of films, books, songs, actors, actresses and places that I like. I also want to say thank you to all my followers that have made me feel that my blog is somewhat interesting and have left comments and liked my blog posts. I know this is a bit of a long post and I apologise for that, but I can assure you this will be the longest post I ever do … until the 200th!

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Which Film Are You Waiting For?

Which film are you waiting for?

The last 5 months or so of 2015 seems to have an abundance of quality films coming out and I was wondering which film everybody is looking forward to the most. Bond? Star Wars? Mockingjay? Something else?

Scorch Trials, The Martian, Bridge of Spies, Spectre, Mockingjay Part 2, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Snowden and The Revenant are the films I have chosen that will be the most popular and talked about over the next few months and afterwards.

Anticipated Films

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