Birthday Post!

Birthday Post!

I turn 23 today!!! Remember, remember the … sixth of November! πŸ™‚ I have tried to reorganise my blog this week to make it sleeker and better presented. Here are some of the alterations I have made to the blog this week, check them out…

1 : Thanks to those who have voted on which logo design I should use for my blog! The Typewriter logo won in the end. It is now my profile picture on Twitter, my gravatar, part of it is in the header and no doubt it’ll appear elsewhere in my blogging.

2 : Speaking of Twitter, for those that don’t follow me on Twitter, there is no reason for you not to now! As I have updated the “widgets” on my page including putting a Twitter widget so you can easily follow me. I promise to tweet more!!

3 : Another widget that I have added it the very useful “Search“, should any of you want to find something on my blog or see if I have read or watched a particular book or film.

4 : I have updated all of my “Pages”. The About page is now much cleaner and more personal. The Film and Book Reviews for each year don’t have the urls floating about, though I will probably update them again in a couple of months time as I am not 100% happy with it. And I also created 3 new pages under the Other Reviews section of the blog: Music, Tributes and Live Performances.

5 : Any suggestions for future blog posts would be appreciated. It can be a particular book, film or a song to include in my musical posts, a Tribute to someone, a Q&A or something altogether different!!

Thank you all for following me and making my blogging experience such a fun part of my life!!*



*P.S. Sorry for using so manyΒ exclamationΒ marks!!!

13 thoughts on “Birthday Post!

  1. If I was turning 23 (wow, that’s a long time ago), I’d be using even more exclamation marks!!!!!!
    Wishing you a wonderful birthday.
    Cheers and to many more years!
    All the best today and every day!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Happy birthday! It is a lot of work to get in to blog revision. I am starting in on the same. Don’t worry about the exclamation marks! Some of us show more excitement than others in life lol !!!!! πŸ˜€

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