Songs I Am Currently Listening To Vol. 8

Songs Vol. 8

In this volume of Songs, the artists that feature include; Alpines, Coldplay, The Hot Damns, Fort Atlantic, The Walkmen, Scissor Sisters, Cristin Milioti, The Beatles, Eurythmics and Adele. Adele’s record breaking Hello, Coldplay’s new single, the song from Sir David Attenborough’s new documentary, background songs from How I Met Your Mother that I have been re-watching recently and some songs I heard on karaoke for my birthday.

The Hunt | Trailer for BBC One | 

Song: I Put A Spell On You | Alpines |
This is the full version of the song, a cover of a classic written and recorded by Jay Hawkins, but made famous by cover versions such as Nina Simone, The Alan Price Set, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Bryan Ferry. Alpines version is fantastic and goes brilliantly with the footage of Sir David Attenborough’s new documentary.

Coldplay | Adventure of a Lifetime | 

Coldplay’s new song from their new album A Head Full Of Dreams. There is talk that this may be Coldplay’s last album, so enjoy them while you can.

The Hot Damns | Wicked Games
I’ve heard a couple of The Hot Damns songs in the background for TV shows, so I decided to check them out and listen to the full songs of Wicked Games and Can’t Wait For Tonight. Both are brilliant!

These three songs all appear in How I Met Your Mother season 9, which I have just watched again! These are my favourite songs of that season.

Fort Atlantic | Let Your Heart Hold Fast

The Walkmen | Heaven

Cristin Milioti | La Vie en Rose |

These next three were all sung at a pub’s karaoke night which is were I spent my birthday with the family. I spent the following night with friends, going for a meal followed by drinks.

Scissor Sisters | Take Your Mama

The Beatles | Come Together

Eurythmics | Thorn In My Side

Adele | Hello | 

Finally, Adele’s record-breaking new single from her new album, 25. You don’t need me to elaborate any further as to why this is included. Biggest song of the year?

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