11 Scenes From 11 Of My Favourite Christmas Films 🎅

🎅 11 Scenes From 11 Of My Favourite Christmas Films 🎅

Here is a list of 11 of my favourite films and scenes from the films that I love. It isn’t in any particular order. Give them a watch and let me know which is your favourite. 🙂

⛄ Home Alone 2 | Brick Scene

There are so many scenes I could have picked as is the case for the first film also, but the second film I have gone for the Brick Scene, as I usually end up on the floor laughing, with cramp and my face permanently contorted because I have laughed too much!

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Dad’s Army Review

Dad’s Army 

3.25 / 5

A respectful and funny take on a British classic

When the announcement came that the 70’s comedy classic Dad’s Army was going to be made into a film, I was not impressed one bit. I hated the idea that such a brilliant and of it’s time television series was going to be made with a new cast. However, when the cast was announced, there was some hope in me that they could deliver something that could do the original series justice. Although it can not be compared to the brilliance of the original series, the film is respectful and has some funny moments as it attempts to live up to one of Britain’s most loved comedy programmes of all time.

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The Revenant Review

The Revenant

4.25 / 5

Intensely brilliant.

The frontrunner to win numerous awards at The Oscars (nominated for 12) in a few weeks time, The Revenant is an intensely brilliant film that will grip viewers in the opening sequence, and never let go. A thoroughly thrilling story of revenge and a father’s pursuit of delivering justice to the man responsible for taking the one thing that matters most to him. DiCaprio and Hardy are brilliant in their respective roles of this semi-autobiographical film, which will leave your jaw on the floor.  

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Blog Appreciation Post

Blog Appreciation Post (BAP)- Get your baps out!

Recently through various Meet n Greets, Link Parties, Reblogs, Follow for Follows etc, I have come to appreciate the efforts of lots of bloggers who have used their time and posts to promote other blogs and bring the blogging community closer together. I have decided to play my part by creating this BAP, which I hope bloggers will use to share some things about themselves so we can all know each other a bit better, as well as helping out more bloggers. As Christmas is getting closer, there is a bit of a festive end to the post! 🙂

blog appreciation post

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Jurassic World

Jurassic World Film Review

3 / 5

Disappointingly Overhyped.

Jurassic World, the biggest film of the year so far after bringing in a staggering $1.7bn through box office sales. However, despite that impressive figure, the film doesn’t live up to the billing. Predictable, cliched and with plot holes abundant, Jurassic World is a poor example of why rebooting a film franchise is not always a good idea. 

Jurassic World

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