Recent Songlist

Recent Songlist

This recent songlist is dominated by two artists that have both released new music, messrs Sheeran and Mayer.

Ed Sheeran | Perfect

Ed Sheeran | Galway Girl

Ed Sheeran | Supermarket Flowers

John Mayer | Helpless

John Mayer | Roll It on Home

Let me know what you think to Ed Sheeran’s and John Mayer’s new albums!

The Humpo Show | Richard


5 thoughts on “Recent Songlist

  1. All I’ve been doing today is jamming to Ed Sheeran’s new album. It’s a great motivator in work haha. In all seriousness, this is without a doubt his best album yet. Galway Girl is such a tune!!

    • So many of the songs are ‘bangers’. Galway Girl is one of my favourites. It would be amazing to play in a packed pub with everyone dancing.

  2. He was interviewed by Kiss – and did a live rendition of ‘Love Yourself’. In his interview he said his two favorite songs were Perfect and Galway Girl.

    • I can imagine Perfect being used a lot at weddings in a similar way that Thinking Out Loud was. And Galway Girl is just a catchy party tune that is perfect for decent pubs and bars to play. Thanks for the comment!

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