Ratings of the National Lampoon Films

Ratings of the National Lampoon Films

This time 12 months ago I hadn’t watched any National Lampoon films. Not a single one. But all that changed after watching the brilliant and funny Animal House. I have now seen 13 National Lampoon films, and I have made a list of my top 12 with their respective IMDb ratings (the 13th is Class Reunion, but it was so bad I haven’t included it). The majority of these films are not going to be included included in the ‘best comedies’ lists, but they are an easy and enjoyable watch for a night in. Today also happens to be Chevy Chase’s birthday too!

Top Twelve National Lampoon Films

Animal House | 7.6 (1st)                         Vacation | 7.4 (2nd)                         Christmas Vacation | 7.6 (3rd)

animal-h                          vacation-1983                           christmas-vacation

Van Wilder | 6.4 (4th)                            European Vacation | 6.1 (5th)         Van Wilder: Freshman Year |                                                                                                                                                                 5.3 (6th)

van-wilder                      european-vacation                         van-wilder-3

Vacation (2016) | 6.2 (7th)                    Van Wilder 2 | 4.8 (8th)                    Vegas Vacation | 5.9 (9th)

vacation-2015                        van-wilder-2                 vegas-vacation

Dorm Daze | 4.6 (10th)                           Dorm Dave 2 | 4.0 (11th)                   Transylmania | 3.8 (12th)

dorm-daze                          dorm-daze-2                 transylmania


What is your favourite National Lampoon film?

Is there a film which I haven’t watched yet that I should?

Any National Lampoon films that you hate?

Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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