The Blacklist Season Three Review

The Blacklist Season Three | 4 / 5

Here’s a short review of The Blacklist | Season Three…

Season Three of The Blacklist was a wholly different animal to the first two seasons, and the fourth season will follow that trajectory given the extraordinary final few episodes of the season. The second half of the season was thrilling stuff, and it has contributed to the writers’ decision to branch out and make a spin-off show to complement the renewed fourth season, The Blacklist: Redemption.

I will avoid giving any spoilers away, given that modern TV watching is now binge-watching box-sets and I wouldn’t want to spoil anything for those of you that might give The Blacklist a try.The Blacklist

Susan Hargraves and Solomon are two new characters that are intriguing additions to the regular cast. Edi Gathegi (Solomon), has the same aura that Bokeem Woodbine had as Mike Mulligan in season two of Fargo. He is a menacing and astute criminal that continually features on the opposing side of the taskforce’s objectives, and has numerous showdowns with Tom and Reddington which are always fascinating.

Episodes The Director, Alistair Pitt, Mr. Solomon and of course Alexander Kirk stood out from this season, though the standard for the season was very good. This season also displayed some of Reddington’s flaws which added a different dimension to the show, especially compared with the cocksure and visionary demeanour he has exhibited since the first episode of the first season. Tom Keen features heavily, so much so he will head the spin-off show. Tom and Liz increasingly throughout the season attempt to make a fist of it and make a normal life for themselves, but of course it will never be simple.

Season Three is packed full of action, mystery, schemes, betrayal, and though the season represents a departure from the traditional format featuring in the first two seasons, Blacklist has grown to be more than names on a list, season four will undoubtedly follow a similar pattern.

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