Random Funnies

Random Funnies

I thought I’d post something a little different as we’re nearing the end of the year. Here you’ll find: some random and funny search terms for people that have found my blog this year; the TV scene where I split my sides laughing; and the most random comment I have ever received!

Let me know the weird search terms that people have typed to find your blog, a scene in a film or TV show that has made you laugh especially hard, or the most random comment that someone has posted on your blog. Continue reading

Bloggers Needed!

Recommend Bloggers!

My blogging has gone a bit lax the past few months, but hopefully I can turn things around for the rest of 2018.

I am looking to follow some more bloggers, so if you know any bloggers that post reviews about the below, please link me to their blog! Thank you 🙂

The Humpo Show | Richard

Sir David Attenborough Lecture

davidSir David Attenborough Lecture 
Beauty in Nature
Chancellor’s Distinguished Guest Speaker Lectures
De Montfort Hall, Leicester
Thursday 28th January 2015, 5pm

I was a lucky attendee of a special lecture given by Sir David Attenborough at De Montfort Hall entitled Beauty in Nature. David’s appearance coincides with the opening of the Attenborough Arts Centre, named after his late brother Richard, as well a couple of documentaries for the BBC; The Great Barrier Reef and Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur. This marks a very bust start to 2016 for him, and considering he is celebrating his 90th birthday in May, he is showing no signs of slowing down. David says he has no plans to retire as he is a very lucky man to swan around the world visiting beautiful places and witnessing extraordinary things, as evidenced recently in the unearthing of the biggest dinosaur ever discovered in Patagonia. And we wouldn’t want him to retire either! Continue reading

First 2016 Post!

First Post of 2016- Share Your Post With Me Too

Sorry I have been conspicuously absent from blogging over the Christmas and New Year period. Family, friends, birthdays, food, a university assignment and a hangover have gotten in the way of any blogging I am afraid. I thought I would start 2016 with a catch up post and combining it with an awards post. So thank you Nishita! Check out her blog. 🙂

Also, could you share some of your posts that you would think I’d like to see, and everyone else for that matter, as I follow a lot of people and it may be lost in the vast amount of posts that have been posted in my absence.

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Bookish Scenarios Tag

Bookish Scenarios Tag

Thank you to FOREVERSHANNON for nominating me to participate in this tag. I love doing these sorts of posts, even if they mainly laud the Harry Potter series, I’ve tried my best to make this more than just about Harry Potter. I really have! Everyone check out Shannon’s blog, we’re new followers of each other, but I can already tell her blog is right up my street!

The Bookish

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Blog Appreciation Post

Blog Appreciation Post (BAP)- Get your baps out!

Recently through various Meet n Greets, Link Parties, Reblogs, Follow for Follows etc, I have come to appreciate the efforts of lots of bloggers who have used their time and posts to promote other blogs and bring the blogging community closer together. I have decided to play my part by creating this BAP, which I hope bloggers will use to share some things about themselves so we can all know each other a bit better, as well as helping out more bloggers. As Christmas is getting closer, there is a bit of a festive end to the post! 🙂

blog appreciation post

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10 Amazing WordPress Facts: Infographic


10 Amazing WordPress facts you didn’t know in 2015: Infographic

[ Here’s an interesting article I came across today and I thought I would share it with you all ]- The Humpo Show 🙂 


WordPress started as a humble blogging platform created by founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little on May 27, 2003 .

Since that day WordPress has grown into a fully fledged application framework, and powers sites for brands like The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, Ebay and Mashable.

As we got curious about how widely WordPress is actually used, we stumbled onto numbers that are mind-boggling. We knew they deserved their own infographic. So we put one together for everybody to enjoy.

Here are some truly amazing facts about WordPress in 2015.


 We ourselves are amazed by these numbers. 23% of sites run on WordPress. 76.5 million blogs are published on WordPress. And as you see the list goes on.

We sourced our data for this infographic from the guys at DMR.

Want to spread the word about how big WordPress has become? Share the infographic around.

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Ultimate Harry Potter Book Tag

Ultimate Harry Potter Book Tag

I spotted this Tag on susannevalenti and being the huge Harry Potter fan I am, I decided to join in on this Tag. Check out her blog people! Most of the images with quotes and gifs are not mine, I just loved them when I was searching for something to accompany my answers. There is a colossal amount of brilliantly made gifs and quotes which have clearly taken people plenty of time and devotion, and I thank you and congratulate you on them. I would have loved to include more but I didn’t want to make it too overbearing.

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