War Storm ★★★★☆

War Storm ★★★★☆
Victoria Aveyard

Genre(s) | Fantasy, Young Adult, Dystopian
Goodreads Rating | 4.02
Humpo Show Rating | 4.25
Publisher: Orion
Published: 2018

Rise. And rise alone.

Mare has chosen the Scarlet Guard and Cal has chosen his crown. Reeling from Cal’s decision to follow in his father’s footsteps and rule Norta, Mare must draw on all the inner strength she has, to fight for the rights of the Reds and the Newbloods in a world that is fracturing from the Scarlet Guard rebellion and the warring between the Silver Kingdoms. Maven still sits on the Nortan throne alongside his Lakelander Queen, Iris, and they are intent on eradicating the Scarlet Guard, destroying Cal, and bringing the continent under their Silver rule. Mare, Cal, the Silver allies, the Scarlet Guard, and the people of Montfort have to come together to defeat Maven and the Lakelanders, who have brought nothing but war, death and destruction to their people. War is coming, and Mare will try to achieve her mission of bringing equality for the Reds, defeating Maven, and persuading Cal to give up the throne.  Continue reading

#TrendThursday | Why do YA books matter?

Why do YA books matter?

As a twenty-four-year-old guy, it is perhaps surprising to some that one of my favourite genres is Young Adult Fiction. For many people who dislike the YA genre for whatever reason, that statement goes against what they envisage the typical reader to be (a teenage girl who reads Twilight). The genre is brimming with excellent stories- most I have not had the pleasure of reading yet- but it is also a shining beacon in the publishing industry that seems to be frozen in time with regards to the workforce, and the stories that are published. Here is a blog post that talks about the many plus points of the YA industry.

The YA genre has become the leading light in regards to representation of people from all backgrounds and identities. They are leading the way with more books concerning racial diversity, LGBT characters, mental health issues, female heroines and sexuality than any other genre at the moment. It is undoubtedly the genre that is the most diverse and that discusses real issues that are not given much coverage in other genres. 

The genre, as viewed from the outside, receives a snobbish response by some adults who seem to have the viewpoint that every YA author is trying to write the next Harry Potter or Twilight series, and that the readers are teenagers that they view as ‘millennial snowflakes’.

One example of someone with this shared opinion is as follows: “‘Young Adult’ – it says ‘wannabe JK Rowling’, it means ‘born in an iPod world so I don’t understand music (and life) is for sharing'” Continue reading