On Wednesday I officially graduated from the University of Leicester with an Upper Division Second Class Honours (2:1) Bachelor of Arts Degree in Humanities and Arts. The ceremony took place at the De Montfort Hall. Here are some snaps from the day, and the video of the graduation!

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(I get onstage around 1:14:09) 

2016-07-14 (12)

“I see dead people…”

Finished University!

Finished University!

No more lectures, no more assignments, no more exams. 5 years of studying at University of Leicester, and 3 modules at Worcester College, Oxford, is now over. In just over a month or so, I will have my results of my BA Humanities and Art degree posted through my door, and my graduation in mid-July. Then it will officially all be over!

I am in the unique position of having no student debt and have made a profit out of going to university (Part-Time course, and I earned below the threshold so I didn’t have to pay any fees). After I have finished working at university (currently temping at an office on campus), I hope to get some work experience or an internship at a publishing house in London, and take a much needed holiday/travelling before entering the world of work.

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Sir David Attenborough Lecture

davidSir David Attenborough Lecture 
Beauty in Nature
Chancellor’s Distinguished Guest Speaker Lectures
De Montfort Hall, Leicester
Thursday 28th January 2015, 5pm

I was a lucky attendee of a special lecture given by Sir David Attenborough at De Montfort Hall entitled Beauty in Nature. David’s appearance coincides with the opening of the Attenborough Arts Centre, named after his late brother Richard, as well a couple of documentaries for the BBC; The Great Barrier Reef and Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur. This marks a very bust start to 2016 for him, and considering he is celebrating his 90th birthday in May, he is showing no signs of slowing down. David says he has no plans to retire as he is a very lucky man to swan around the world visiting beautiful places and witnessing extraordinary things, as evidenced recently in the unearthing of the biggest dinosaur ever discovered in Patagonia. And we wouldn’t want him to retire either! Continue reading