A Challenger to Dan Brown?

A Challenger to Dan Brown?

Sam Bourne: The Righteous Men

3.75 / 5

Intrigue personified.

A suspense thriller that sees the protagonist Will Munroe attempt to unravel ancient Jewish folklore and decipher coded messages to rescue his kidnapped wife and to simultaneously prevent a cataclysmic event that would alter the entire world.

Will, an up-and-coming Oxford-educated New York Times journalist, stumbles into a farfetched and complex story concerning the fate of the world because of his diligent investigations in two unusual murders. He reports on a death of a pimp in New York and a radical militia man in Seattle who have both been murdered but both are killed in a way that is curious. When Will’s investigation uncovers the selfless and great deeds they have done secretly, his subsequent report ends up as headline news, and he unknowingly becomes of interest to mainly people for his selective choice of the words, “Righteous Man.”


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