Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

Episode VII Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

4 / 5

New Heroes, New Villains, New Hope.

[ Contains Big Spoilers!!! ]

X-Wing Starfighters maneuvering skilfully through the air, emotionally-strung lightsaber battles, the Millennium Falcon attempting the impossible and a mysterious Dark Jedi stopping a blaster’s shot tantalisingly in midair. The new Star Wars film is undeniably a Star Wars film, but with the added ingredient of cutting-edge CGI that is blended well with the idiosyncratic elements of the original trilogy in a similar way the the old cast and new cast are brought together. The Force Awakens provides hope that the Star Wars fans will receive a high standard trilogy of films that do the original trilogy justice, and are a brilliant addition to the canon.

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Short Film Ratings (Star Wars Special)

Short Film Ratings (Star Wars Special)

With the Star Wars Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens premiere over and the release date only a couple of days away, I thought I would do a dedicated Short Film Ratings to all of the Star Wars films. Let me know what your order of the Star Wars films is the best in your eyes. Mine is… IV, V, VI, III, II, I.

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Which Film Are You Waiting For?

Which film are you waiting for?

The last 5 months or so of 2015 seems to have an abundance of quality films coming out and I was wondering which film everybody is looking forward to the most. Bond? Star Wars? Mockingjay? Something else?

Scorch Trials, The Martian, Bridge of Spies, Spectre, Mockingjay Part 2, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Snowden and The Revenant are the films I have chosen that will be the most popular and talked about over the next few months and afterwards.

Anticipated Films

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