Season Foursome! Game Of Thrones Review

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Review

5 / 5

Climatic end as Winter draws nearer

The season 4 finale of HBO’s hit series and global phenomenon, Game Of Thrones, aired on Sunday night in the US, and it left the eagerly watching audience with a plethora of questions that are eating up every viewer. What will become of King’s Landing? Where are Tyrion and Varys heading for? Will a Cersie and Jaime’s relationship happen? Will Ayra ever be reunited with her family? The Jon Snow and Stannis situation? How long until Daenerys makes her move, and what has become of Drogon? And perhaps the most important one, what will happen because of Bran’s successful journey to “The Children”? Plus, there are so many other unanswered questions concerning each of these characters’ roles next season: Bealish, The Tyrells, Theon, Brienne, Sansa, Jorah, The Mountain, Lord Bolton and so many other character’s that have been perfectly woven into the story, and whose importance is yet to be determined.

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