The Final Reckoning ★★★☆☆

The Final Reckoning
Sam Bourne

Genre(s) | Thriller, Mystery, Historical Fiction
Goodreads Rating | 3.80
Humpo Show Rating | 3.10
Published: 2008
Publisher: Harper

The Final Reckoning Sam Bourne

After receiving intel that a suspected suicide bomber is approaching the United Nations building in New York, a security officer shoots and kills the suspect. Following some quick investigating, the man that has been killed is found out to be a Holocaust survivor…not the usual identity of a terrorist. Tom Byrne, a former UN lawyer, is hired to smooth things over with the man’s daughter, however he quickly gets ensnared in the mystery surrounding the man’s reasons for being at the UN and his incredible past; Tom also gets the feeling that some people do not want the truth to come out… Continue reading

Book Review | The Last Testament

The Last Testament
Sam Bourne

Genre(s) | Thriller, Mystery, Adventure
Goodreads Rating | 3.61
Humpo Rating | 3.0 

A predictable answer to a thousand-year-old mystery


Maggie Costello is a former U.S. mediator who is called upon by her country to finally bring about peace between Israel and Palestine. The two countries were close to singing a peace deal before the death  of right-wing Zionist Shimon Guttman brought the talks to a halt. His death is closely followed by Palestinian archaeologist Ahmed Nour. Guttman died with a cryptic note in his hand: “This will change everything.” which was reason enough for Maggie to explore the death further, but when she finds out that Nour was a colleague and friend of Guttman’s, she realises that there is much more to the deaths than meets the eye. Maggie, accompanied by Guttman’s son Uri, embarks on a journey that involves a clay tablet that contains the answer to an unsolved riddle from the Bible. The answer to this riddle is feared by people on all sides, and could either bring peace or spark war.  Continue reading

A Challenger to Dan Brown?

A Challenger to Dan Brown?

Sam Bourne: The Righteous Men

3.75 / 5

Intrigue personified.

A suspense thriller that sees the protagonist Will Munroe attempt to unravel ancient Jewish folklore and decipher coded messages to rescue his kidnapped wife and to simultaneously prevent a cataclysmic event that would alter the entire world.

Will, an up-and-coming Oxford-educated New York Times journalist, stumbles into a farfetched and complex story concerning the fate of the world because of his diligent investigations in two unusual murders. He reports on a death of a pimp in New York and a radical militia man in Seattle who have both been murdered but both are killed in a way that is curious. When Will’s investigation uncovers the selfless and great deeds they have done secretly, his subsequent report ends up as headline news, and he unknowingly becomes of interest to mainly people for his selective choice of the words, “Righteous Man.”


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