Matt Damon Tribute

Matt Damon Tribute

Matt Damon turns 45 today!

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I would have done a comedy skit with Matt Damon to celebrate his birthday with hilarious sketches of roles he has done throughout his career but James Corden beat me to it! I suppose we’ll have to make do with a blog post about him! Check out the James Corden skit when you have time, it is great fun.

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Royally Electrifying

The Red Queen

Victoria Aveyard

4.25 / 5

A pulsating Young Adult fantasy novel that will leave you aching for more.

The Red Queen is Victoria Aveyard’s debut novel, which uses the current trend of social injustice in Young Adult dystopian novels, and then blends in supernatural elements and world history to create a shockingly thrilling novel. Red Queen is a slickly executed novel that has managed through Mare as the stimulus, to deliver a shock of metaphorical¬†current into the reader, to keep them mentally and physically attached to this pulsating novel, with Aveyard as it’s magnificent conductor.¬†


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