Bespoke Reading Challenge – Did I complete it?

Bespoke Reading Challenge 2018 – Did I complete it?

I read 27 books last year and aimed to read 50 this year – and this year I have read a total of… 27! A new job and a busy social/family life has meant that I have not read as much as I planned for.

Let’s see how I got on in the reading challenge that I set for myself…

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2017 Book Challenge List – Did I complete it?

2017 Book Challenge List – Did I complete it?

At the start of the year I set myself some specific reading challenges, and to be honest, I hadn’t thought about the challenge since! Only now that people are making their 2018 challenges did the memory of by 2017 Book Challenge come back to me. Here he are, I think it is a mediocre/average (unconscious) effort… Continue reading