Inbetweeners 2 Review

Inbetweeners 2

3.5 / 5

Will, Simon, Jay and Neil are travelling in Australia and they are back doing what they do best, getting up to all sorts of hilarious antics, as they continue their individual pursuit of getting girls, getting rid of girls and … dolphins.

The film begins with Will, Simon and Neil being duped by Will’s ‘new uni friends’ while dressed as Harry Potter (Will), Ron Weasley (Simon) and Hermione Granger (Neil). They are subsequently then thrown out of a nearby pub that they went for a drink in, due to Neil’s testicles (for a change). The three of them end up at Will’s university halls, where his neighbours have played a prank on him, which leads to them talking of how university wasn’t what they expected. Neil reads out an email from Jay, on a gap year in Australia, and this turns into a Scorsese-esque opening sequence with Jay taking over the narration. He brags about being woken up every morning with an Australian babe “given him a blowwie”. The combination of Jay’s email detailing all of his exploits and the three of them unhappy in the UK, they decide to visit him and to discover Jay may have slightly over exaggerated…


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