London Mega-Post

London Mega-Post

I am back from my internship at a publishing house in London. Here is an update of what I got up to while I was down there…

I stayed in North West London for the first week I was working in London, and then South East London for the second week- this was arranged through a scheme that assigns publishing interns with a place to live while interning at a publisher. The one drawback of this arrangement was that both of places where I stayed, they did not have a TV! And to top things off, I didn’t take my laptop with me so as to make space in my case and make it lighter to travel with. Therefore, I have been without any form of technology (except my phone) for the last 2 weeks! Oh…I also forgot to take my headphones with me!! (Major error there!)

Anyway, here is what I got up to…

Catherine McGrath Gig | Hoxton 

On my first night in London I managed to get to see an up-and-coming artist that I really like. Catherine played a mixture of original and cover songs. Her music has featured regularly in my musical posts so be sure to take the hint and listen to her music! McGrath’s singing was impeccable, my personal favourites were “Say You Love Me“, “Cinderella” and “She’ll Never Love You“. As I am returning to London next month for another publishing internship, I am planning on attending another of Catherine’s gigs in London as she is as good live as she is on her album.

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