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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Film 2)

4 / 5

Enthralling from first minute to the last minute.

Catching Fire Film

The second film based on Suzanne Collins’ hugely successful book trilogy. The film picks up in the immediate aftermath of the 74th Annual Hunger Games where Katniss and Peeta won. They will now embark on the Victory Tour of the 12 Districts while stirrings of rebellion have begun in other districts.

Katniss attempts to appease President Snow by trying to make her final act in the Hunger Games appear to be an act of love rather than rebellious act against the Capitol. Ructions are caused aplenty as they go on their Victory Tour with confrontations between the Districts and the Peacekeepers.

The film progresses to the Quarter Quell (75th Hunger Games) and this time Katniss and Peeta are entered again as the twist for this year’s competition is that the competitors are comprised of the winners from each of the Districts.

Jennifer Lawrence’s performance in the arena is simply superb, the way she is utterly traumatised by the japperjays copying Prim’s scream is extremely convincing and the audience feel real empathy for her character. Lawrence is also the perfect actress to play the role of Katniss because of the striking resemblance in terms of fighting for a certain beliefs that they are passionate about. Without doubt Jennifer Lawrence will become a multi-Oscar-winning actress and will be involved in many other successful films.

The special effects, CGI team and set designers did an absolutely astounding job for the arena of the Quarter Quell. The way they turned the fictional and imaginative arena of Collins into something realistic and awe-inspiring on the big screen was unbelievable and they deserve great credit for that. One thing that I wondered was whether the ending of the Quarter Quell would live up to the ending in the book and how I imagined in would be. Just so you know, it unequivocally did! Everyone’s jaw dropped in the cinema when the ending came and it was truly brilliant cinema.

Having read the first 2 books and now seen the first 2 films, I can honestly say I will be picking up the third book very soon and the next film can’t come soon enough!

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Catching Fire

Hunger Games: Catching Fire

4.25 / 5

The breathtaking journey leaves you clamouring for the next book!

Hunger Games 2

Following their revolutionary performance in the Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta return to District 12 as victors. They both now live in Victors Village along with Haymitch but Katniss still craves for parts of her old life where she goes hunting in the woods and her connection with Gale. This does not go unnoticed by President Snow who delivers a deadly warning to Katniss before she embarks on the cross-district Victory Tour.

They visit the other Districts, doing their best to give some verisimilitude through: giving speeches, acting in love and attending the feasts that go with the tour. However, through their compassion and thankfulness when giving a speech in Rue’s District they have such an effect that they set into motion a chain of events that they could not have foreseen.

The 75th Hunger Games is a Quarter Quell, which indicates that the Capitol is marking the anniversary of their defeat of the Districts in a special way. This time, incidentally means that living victors of each district are sent back into the arena. This is unpopular with Districts as it seems clear that President Snow is trying to quell *no pun intended* the rebellion by getting rid of Katniss, who is seen as a symbol of hope, and the people in the Capitol are distraught that Katniss and Peeta are going in again.

I won’t go into too much detail about the Hunger Games because I found the concept and location fascinating to read and won’t be spoiling it for you! Collins is simply breathtaking in her descriptions of Katniss’s trail of thought, it is very realistic and the reader becomes even more attached and sympathetic to her. Her heart wrenching feelings for Prim, her mother, Peeta and Gale are conveyed further in this book and coupled with the challenging environment and obstacles she faces in the arena, she is tested to the limit. Collins describes ineffable things and thoughts so precisely that the reader can imagine exactly what she is feeling or dealing with.

Fans of the 1st book will not be disappointed with the 2nd instalment, as in my opinion it is just as good as the 1st book. With the film coming out shortly, I would advise anyone planning on seeing the film to read Catching Fire because not only is it an awesome book but because there are plenty of unsaid things in this book that help to gauge Katniss’s emotions and what she is thinking.

With high expectations on the 2nd book and due to the hugely successful first book and now film, Catching Fire met the expectations and Collins has provided another excellently crafted novel that is exceptionally hard to put down. This is highly recommended to anyone who loves young adult literature or dystopian novels. The 2nd film is released in the UK on the 11th November in London but it is mainly released between the 20th-22nd November in most other countries. I for one cannot wait!


The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

4.25 / 5

An entertaining and fresh novel.

Hunger Games 1


With the 2nd film being released shortly I thought it would be a good idea to chronicle what has happened so far in this epic adventure. I am starting with the first novel written by Suzanna Collins in 2008. The setting for this science fiction novel is in a post-apocalyptic nation of Panem in North America.

Katniss Everdeen is a girl who lives with her sister, Prim and their mother in a place called District 12. In this dystopian nation of Panem, there are 12 Districts each with differing functions that all come under the rule of the Capitol. The Hunger Games are an annual televised event whereby, a boy and girl from each of the 12 Districts are submitted to take part in the event where the last survivor is crowned the victor and receives a new house, wealth, food and is exempt from being in the Hunger Games again.

When her sweet and innocent sister, Prim is called out in the reaping, the system where a person’s name is pulled out of the bowl to be entered into the games, Katniss volunteers herself as tribute in order to protect Prim. Her fellow competitor from District 12 is a boy named Peeta. She and Peeta are mentored by Haymitch, who is an alcoholic but he is the person who can be the reason for them living or dying in the arena with the parachute gifts that sponsors can give them in the arena, such as; medicine, weapons, food etc.

The arena in which the Hunger Games is held is a forest much similar to the one which Katniss explores back in District 12 when she goes hunting beyond the fence with Gale. With other competitors hunting each other, especially Katniss as she is seen as one of the favourites after the Gamemakers awarded her with a high rating after her performance in the training arena. During the Games, we get to know other tributes more, in particularly Rue. Her role in the story cannot be undervalued; this can only be possible through her alliance with Katniss during the Games. Without giving too much of the thrilling events of the arena away; all I can say is that there are twists and turns plenty, which are possible through Collins’ electric pace of writing that leaves the reader breathless and craving the next chapter.

Collins has expertly conjured up this brilliant and unique idea and she has used 1st person narrative to great effect. She draws the reader in and they becomes more emotionally involved with Katniss as we experience heart wrenching moments that she has to deal with. Collins does a brilliant job of conveying the inexpressible in terms that the reader can understand and can relate to. Also, the vivid imagery of the arena was well crafted which created an environment that the reader was able to imagine due to the succinctness of these descriptions.   

The end of novel is perfectly poised for the next stage of this entertaining and thrilling story.  I will be posting the film review and the Catching Fire review shortly in the build up to the 2nd film.