Dunkirk (2017) ★★★★★

Dunkirk (2017) ★★★★★
Humpo Show Rating | 9.3
IMDb Rating | 8.7
Starring: Fionn Whitehead, Aneurin Barnard, Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance, Tom Glynn-Carney, Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, Jack Lowden, Harry Styles, James D’Arcy, Damien Bonnard, Lee Armstrong, James Bloor, Barry Keoghan
Director: Christopher Nolan
Plot Summary: Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire and France are surrounded by the German army and evacuated during a fierce battle in World War II. (IMDb)

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Fargo Season 3 (2017) ★★★★☆

Fargo Season 3 (2017) ★★★★☆
Channel: FX
Starring: Ewan McGregor, Carrie Coon, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, David Thewlis, Michael Stuhlbarg, Andy Yu, Olivia Sandoval, Russell Harvard
Humpo Show Rating | 8.5

Stellar performances from cast and fantastic musical scores

Fargo once again impresses in its latest instalment, this time focusing on a feud between the Stussy brothers (both played by Ewan McGregor), the various murders that stack up, and the taking over of Emmit Stussy’s parking lot business by shady character V. M. Varga (David Thewlis). Continue reading

James Bond Blogathon | My Least Favourite Bond Film

James Bond Blogathon | My Least Favourite Bond Film

Thank you to Maddy for organising this Blogathon, give her blog a look if you are love films. I am a HUGE James Bond fan, having seen all the films, read the first 6 Ian Fleming novels, and I have visited the James Bond Exhibition at the London Film Museum, so when I seen Maddy’s Blogathon I was instantly thinking of what post I should do. Despite my love for the James Bond franchise, there are some films that don’t reach the heights of others, and one of those is Quantum of Solace.  Continue reading

Crooked Kingdom ★★★★★

Crooked Kingdom ★★★★★
Leigh Bardugo

Genre(s) | Young Adult, Fantasy
Goodreads Rating | 4.62
Humpo Show Rating | 5.00
Published | 2016
Publisher | Orion

Unpredictable. Unique. Unforgettable. 

Kaz Brekker and his merry band of outcasts have pulled off the seemingly impossible heist of Ice Court. But rather than swimming in reward money, they are trying to stay afloat amidst the tides of dangerous people that want them dead. Their arrival back in Ketterdam has made an almighty splash due to them possessing a very valuable and sought after individual, an individual that could start or end a war. With enemies on all sides, and with survival, not to mention victory, at long and insurmountable odds, Kaz, Inej, Nina et al, need to come up with something that is truly extraordinary, if they fail the city of Ketterdam will have bettered them and they will be forgotten, as if they were drowned rats.  Continue reading

Unpopular Opinion Tag (Films)

Unpopular Opinion Tag (Films)

This post came about by accident as I was commenting on Vinnie’s film review about Lost in Translation, and it has turned into this post which is inspired by the Unpopular Opinion Book Tags that are popular (pun intended!). Those that get tagged, make sure to tag me in your answers as I am eager to see what popular films people dislike. If you haven’t been tagged, feel free to join in!!

My 3 Unpopular Opinion Films are; Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, A Rebel Without a Cause and Lost In Translation. Do you like those films, or are you like and didn’t think much to them?

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The Pigeon Tunnel ★★★★★

The Pigeon Tunnel: Stories From My Life ★★★★★
John le Carré

Genre(s) | Nonfiction, Memoir, History, Espionage
Goodreads Rating | 4.08
Humpo Show Rating | 5.00 
Published | 2016
Publisher | Viking
I received a copy from Penguin Random House

A Treasure Island-worthy book…

David Cornwell, otherwise known as John le Carré, has penned a memoir that contains a museum of stories from his days in the service of British Intelligence during the Cold War, to his war tourist days, and his successful career as a novelist. His stories take him from war-torn Cambodia to Beirut, Russia before and after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, le Carré has written about a plethora of historical events in which he focuses on individuals that he was involved with, and how they influenced his fictional characters in his catalogue of work. Continue reading