Ken Dodd Tribute

Ken Dodd Tribute

The word, legend, gets thrown around a lot, but that is a perfectly fitting word to describe Sir Ken Dodd. The legendary comedian passed away in the early hours of this morning at the grand old age of 90, and he was still performing nationwide tours every year- an incredible feat! Immediately identifiable by his messy hair, his protruding teeth, joyous personality, and his red, white and blue “tickling stick”. He has entertained audiences for over 50 years.

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The Humpo Show End of Year Awards

The Humpo Show End of Year Awards [2017]

This year I have decided to host an awards ceremony on my blog to celebrate my favourite films, books, bloggers and posts, as well as some extra, but deserved, awards. All of the winners and nominees have featured on my blog this year, and if you want to read the review of them, then feel free to type them in the search bar, or navigate to them via the tabs. And please do check out the winning bloggers and twitterers (sounds better like that!).  Continue reading

Brief Hiatus! (500 Followers)

I’m going to have a brief hiatus as I am heading to London for a couple of weeks for a internship at a publishing house. Despite having my phone with me, which I’ll use for responding to comments, I won’t be using it for blog posts. While I am down in London, I’ll be going to gigs, to the theatre, reading a book or two as well as taking plenty of photos (which will be on my Instagram), so I will have plenty of material for blog posts when I get back, plus the fact that I already have plenty unfinished drafts to finish.

I also have reached the 500 Followers milestone!!! I’ll do a Giveaway when I get back!

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The Winner of the Giveaway is…

Congratulations go to Megan @ bookslayerReads for winning my first ever Giveaway! The prize was Misery by Stephen King, Dark Places by Gillian Flynn and Monster by C J Skuse. There were 100 entries for this giveaway, which was more than I expected, plus I have gained some valuable knowledge about doing giveaways which I will bear in mind for future giveaways, 

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On Wednesday I officially graduated from the University of Leicester with an Upper Division Second Class Honours (2:1) Bachelor of Arts Degree in Humanities and Arts. The ceremony took place at the De Montfort Hall. Here are some snaps from the day, and the video of the graduation!

my_collage (58)WP_20160713_15_24_35_Pro

(I get onstage around 1:14:09) 

2016-07-14 (12)

“I see dead people…”

Bookish Scenarios Tag

Bookish Scenarios Tag

Thank you to FOREVERSHANNON for nominating me to participate in this tag. I love doing these sorts of posts, even if they mainly laud the Harry Potter series, I’ve tried my best to make this more than just about Harry Potter. I really have! Everyone check out Shannon’s blog, we’re new followers of each other, but I can already tell her blog is right up my street!

The Bookish

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Blog Appreciation Post

Blog Appreciation Post (BAP)- Get your baps out!

Recently through various Meet n Greets, Link Parties, Reblogs, Follow for Follows etc, I have come to appreciate the efforts of lots of bloggers who have used their time and posts to promote other blogs and bring the blogging community closer together. I have decided to play my part by creating this BAP, which I hope bloggers will use to share some things about themselves so we can all know each other a bit better, as well as helping out more bloggers. As Christmas is getting closer, there is a bit of a festive end to the post! 🙂

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