Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Illustrated Edition

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Illustrated Edition
J. K. Rowling
Illustrated by Jim Kay

Goblet of Fire Illustrated

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is a wonderful read and one that was long overdue!

It has been at least 10 years since I last read Goblet of Fire – I’ve seen the film too many times to count – and I was surprised by some of the parts that I had forgotten purely because of how long it had been since my last reading of the book, but also due to being so well versed with the film (one of my favourites). For example, the storyline regarding Barty Crouch’s character (not included in the film) was something that I read voraciously as if it were the first time I was reading it. It also helped to explain the motive of Crouch Jr as well as providing a more in depth backstory to his character and his family.

Another thing that didn’t get as much coverage in the film adaptation was the details around Voldemort’s existence following his attack on the Potter family and his attempts and methods to regaining his powers and body. It was interesting reading (or re-reading) about how he existed during the 13 years since his downfall when attacking Harry.

Goblet of Fire Illustrated

The ratio of illustrations to words seems slightly down in comparison to the previous three books, probably due to the sheer size of Goblet of Fire, but there were some stunning ones which I have included in this post. These three are probably my favourites: the Hogwarts Express as it always looks amazing, the Hungarian Horntail dragon as I associate that animal/task with this book the most, and Durmstrang’s ship as it looks eerily beautiful.

The story was wonderful (as I knew it would be) and it was fantastic to be back in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, Hogwarts, The Triwizard Tournament and Voldemort. It was nice to read about the trials and recognise the differences that were made for the film.

I can’t wait to see what Jim Kay comes up with for the Order of the Phoenix!

Goblet of Fire Illustrated

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