Ken Dodd Tribute

Ken Dodd Tribute

The word, legend, gets thrown around a lot, but that is a perfectly fitting word to describe Sir Ken Dodd. The legendary comedian passed away in the early hours of this morning at the grand old age of 90, and he was still performing nationwide tours every year- an incredible feat! Immediately identifiable by his messy hair, his protruding teeth, joyous personality, and his red, white and blue “tickling stick”. He has entertained audiences for over 50 years.

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My love for him began when my grandparents would put on VHS tape recordings of him, and me and brother when we were children would sit in front of the television, giggling at the silly jokes- we have many memorized. He would always finish a routine with the song “Happiness”, which typified his personality and how he made his audience feel.

He was well noted for performing for between 5-7 hours comedy routines, not only an impressive feat in itself, but it also proves how well liked and respected he was by the places where he would tour, for not only allowing the theatre and concert halls to stay open that late, but also for drawing in packed crowds aged 8-108. I was lucky enough to see him perform live a few years ago, in another of his marathon performances- the energy and enthusiasm was infectious.

His single “Tears” was the 3rd highest-selling song of the 1960s in the UK. It was only outsold by 2 tunes from The Beatles!

I will leave you with some of his famous quotes and jokes.

“Honolulu, it’s got everything. Sand for the children, sun for the wife, sharks for the wife’s mother.”

“I just read a book about Stockholm Syndrome, it started off badly but by the end I really liked it.”

“The man who invented cat’s eye’s got the idea when he saw a cat facing him in the road. If the cat had been facing the other way, he’d have invented the pencil sharpener.”

“Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today, because if you do it today and you like it, you can do it tomorrow too.”

A Story from someone he met- “When I taught at Liverpool Hope, Ken Dodd was given an honorary degree. Talking to lecturers after the ceremony, a lady interrupted him saying there was ‘some important people’ he should meet. He turned and said ‘Everyone’s important here love’ and carried on talking.”

“I wouldn’t part with my teeth. I am the only patient who can sit in the dentist’s waiting room and have his teeth checked in the surgery.”

“I used to think I was a marvellous lover in bed until I discovered that all my girlfriends suffered from asthma.”

“I haven’t spoken to my mother-in-law for 18 months. I don’t want to interrupt her.”

RIP Doddy

2 thoughts on “Ken Dodd Tribute

  1. My dad saw Ken Dodd perform last year, and while I’ve never been a fan, I think it’s sad to be seeing what is really the end of the true performers like him

    • He was such a special performer, a bit like Bruce Forsyth- a true family comedian.

      I just seen someone tweet this:
      “When a friend of mine was very young she met Ken Dodd. When he discovered her father had recently died he said he’d send her a postcard from every town on his tour.

      For the next four years Pamela received a postcard nearly every week.”

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