[ARC] Girl On Fire ★★★★☆

Girl On Fire
Tony Parsons 

Genre(s) | Thriller, Suspense, Mystery
Goodreads Rating | N/A
Humpo Show Rating | 4.00
Published: 2018
Publisher: Century

I received this Advanced Reader’s Copy from Century. Girl On Fire is publishing on 8 March 2018. 

Girl On Fire is a hard-hitting story that draws inspiration from many topical strings, and brings them into play in pulsating fashion. Parson utilises the presence of homegrown terrorism, the extreme nationalists, and the differing views on terrorism and the failure of immigrants to integrate into Britain, to create a realistic and suspenseful work of fiction. Not to mention the turbulent home-life of single father, DC Max Wolfe, who is critical to the investigations into the gripping events that occur in Girl On Fire, and who is also battling with his ex-wife over their daughter.  

Wolfe is immediately in the action as he finds himself at the scene of a terrorist attack in London. A drone has brought a helicopter crashing down on a shopping centre, killing dozens and injuring countless more. The atrocity is attributed to the Khan brothers, who have recently returned from Syria, and it is believed they are also in possession of 2 grenades. This barbaric event and information relating to the grenades, leads Wolfe and the cavalry to the Khan’s home- but things don’t turn out the way anyone expected.

Parson weaves a yarn that stands up to the best in the Crime Thriller genre, the topical-ness of his work is what grips hardest. The niggling threat of an Islamic Extremist “lone wolf” planning another attack in London is something that everyone in this country has worried about or had a sleepless night over. Parson has captured the anxiety of many, but he also captures and displays the anger that many people in this country feel towards these terrorists, but also the irrational anger that some have towards those of the Muslim faith.

In the end, Girl On Fire displays the fears that twenty-first-century civilians in London have or have had at some point during recent times, but it also shows how those fears can appear small when compared to a home-life problem that for many, takes centre stage. Max Wolfe had both of these problems to contend with, and the way he deals with them both simultaneously made for terrific reading.

2 thoughts on “[ARC] Girl On Fire ★★★★☆

  1. I can’t say I’ve read many thrillers, but I like how this book tackles topics relevant to society today and how sometimes those fears and anxieties, as valid as they are, can also be misplaced. I can’t say it’s one I’ll read soon, but it does sound like an interesting and relevant story.

    • I think I prefer my thrillers to have a bigger mystery- like Dan Brown and Sam Bourne’s books. Although I did ‘enjoy’ the realistic and topical nature of the book. I just don’t want to keep reading books set in London and New York,..

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