11 Scenes From 11 Of My Favourite Christmas Films πŸŽ…

πŸŽ… 11 Scenes From 11 Of My Favourite Christmas FilmsΒ πŸŽ…

Here is a list of 11 of my favourite films and scenes from the films that I love. It isn’t in any particular order. Give them a watch and let me know which is your favourite. πŸ™‚

β›„ Home Alone 2 | Brick Scene

There are so many scenes I could have picked as is the case for the first film also, but the second film I have gone for the Brick Scene, as I usually end up on the floor laughing, with cramp and my face permanently contorted because I have laughed too much!

❀️ Love Actually | Colin’s Trip

I think every British guy (me included) now has this view of America. My favourite line from this scene:Β “We can’t even afford pajamas”…

β›„ Home Alone | Thirsty For More

Aargh!!! So many booby traps! Only one choice! I picked this one, mainly for the noises Marv makes!!

❄️ Elf | Baby It’s Cold Outside

When I first watched this, I had no idea who Zooey Deschanel was. But she is amazing in this scene, and Will Ferrell, is, well, Will Ferrell..

❄️ The Polar Express | I Believe

Tom Hanks is great in The Polar Express, and the storyline is nice. It is encapsulated in this moment. Lovely scene.Β 

πŸŽ… Santa Claus: The Movie | Original TrailerΒ 

I first watched this when I was very young, and I still watch it every year.Β 

πŸ”₯ Die Hard | Welcome to the Party, PalΒ 

The most un-Christmas-like film on the list, but it’s set at Christmas so it is allowed! One of my favourite action films ever, plus Alan Rickman is the perfect villain.

🎁 It’s a Wonderful Life | Every Time a Bell Rings, an Angel gets his Wings

It’s a wonderful scene…(I’ll let myself out)

🎁 The Holiday | Three Musketeers

This was a tough decision. It was between this scene which is adorable, emotional and sweet, or the scene with Jack Black and Kate Winslet in the DVD store, which is hilarious!

❄️ The Muppet’s Christmas Carol | Light the Lamp, Nor the Rat!

Love the Muppets!Β 

πŸŽ… Miracle on 34th Street | Deaf Girl

Who else tears up at this point?Β 

That concludes the list! Who else is in the mood for watching a Christmas film?!

28 thoughts on “11 Scenes From 11 Of My Favourite Christmas Films πŸŽ…

  1. I didn’t know it was Zooey Deshanel in the film for years… I can’t get my head round her blonde hair! Have to disagree about Love Actually scene – for me it’s all about Andrew Lincoln at the door with his cue cards. But maybe that’s a girl thing!!

  2. Good choices. I haven’t seen Love Actually, The Polar Express, or The Holiday. I Santa Claus: The Movie, ever since I was a kid, and Die Hard and The Muppets Christmas Carol. I prefer the original Miracle on 34th Street, with Maureen O’Hara. And though I love Home Alone, it’s shown so many times, I’ve grown a little tired of it for now. And It’s A Wonderful Life is one of my all-time favorites. Can’t pick any particular favorite scenes, though.

  3. What a fun post! And such a fantastic lis, too! I recognized many of these. They made me smile. πŸ˜‰ I have to say that the Miracle on 34th Street scene and the It’s a Wonderful Life scene were probably my favorites, though. I’m a sucker for emotional stuff like that! I should really watch those!

  4. These are good movies for the holidays. I loved the Home Alone series–a lot funnier than you’d think although I think the original was always my fave. I enjoyed this post. Thanks!

  5. I love love actually. I use to be a fan of the home alone’s until I had my son, now they take on a different meaning of what my son might actually do. The muppets anything is great, although still confused as to how a frog and a pig can have piglets.

  6. I’m very happy to see “light the lamp, not the rat” on here which is clearly one of the most iconic moments in cinema. And It’s a Wonderful Life is my favorite Christmas film, I bawl watching it every year.

    • On Twitter yesterday I saw it was the 25th anniversary of A Muppet Christmas Carol’s release!

      A classic line from a classic film based on a classic book. πŸ™‚

      I wish I could a whole week watching Christmas films and Christmas specials from TV shows!!

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