Blue Planet 2 ★★★★★

Blue Planet II ★★★★★
Channel: BBC One
Narrator: David Attenborough
Music: Hans Zimmer

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BBC + Attenborough + Nature = Incredible Documentary.

This winning formula proves to be a hit once again as the national treasure and tireless naturalist Sir David Attenborough narrates Blue Planet IIBlue Planet II is the sequel to the marine documentary Blue Planet which was made 16 years previous, winning both a BAFTA and Emmy. In 2001, the series was described as “the first ever comprehensive series on the natural history of the world’s oceans”, and it featured marine life and behaviour, never before been filmed. The 2017 series is the epitome of dedication as filming took over the course of more than 4 years; involving 125 expeditions across 39 countries and produced more than 6,000 hours of underwater dive footage from over an estimated 4000 dives.  

(1) One Ocean
(2) The Deep
(3) Coral Reefs
(4) Big Blue
(5) Green Seas
(6) Coasts
(7) Our Blue Planet

The opening episode opens with the terrifying Giant Trevally hunting a Tern. The camerawork, definition of the filming and the knowledge of the people there to capture this incredible moment is typical of the whole series. This Fish vs. Bird battle demonstrates the unknown goings-on that occur across the world in the oceans that we would never imagined. The below gif shows the terrifying trevally leaping out of the water before it gulps down a fledgling tern that is flying low.

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My favourite episode from this series was The Deep. The unexplored life on the beds of the deepest oceans was remarkable to witness. If I could give 6 stars to an episode this would be it! I am currently writing a very draft version of a first draft, and this episode turned on something inside my brain for some ideas concerning my WIP.

The damage the human race is doing to the planet is a theme that is included in every episode, but the startling facts and images we are shown of the Coral Reefs is heart-breaking. Whilst we have seen the headlines concerning Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the amount of reef that is dying, Blue Planet II has a hopeful message to accompany the bad news, that it is possible to save it as it is not too late.

The hundreds of people that are out there on expeditions across the globe filming for Blue Planet II have discovered new species and behaviours of creatures that have never been captured or heard of ever before. The team have also managed to capture moments where creatures are acting naturally in their habitat with intricate cameras filming their every move. One of the creatures that gets this treatment is the Bobbit Worm- named after Lorena Bobbit, who cut off her husband’s penis with a knife! John Wayne Bobbit (seriously!), had it surgically reattached and went on to be an adult film star (yes, seriously!!).

There are a countless amount of creatures that are worthy of a mention, but here are a couple that I loved watching. The cuttlefish hypnotises its prey before it kills them. And the sea cucumber that devours everything in sight (a bit like me at an all-you-can-eat buffet).

The Hypnotising Cuttlefish

Related image

Sea Cucumber

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The best moment of the series belonged to the great escape of the crabs, who have to outmanoeuvre Moray Eels and octopuses to reach their feeding ground. This footage was reminiscent of the Iguana Vs Snake from Planet Earth II that was on last year. Here it is in all of its glory, below.

Fish that can’t swim. An octopus that hides amongst shells. Different species working together to hunt prey. Blue Planet II has it all!

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  2. I love Planet Earth, I always watched it whenever I was sick, it always made me feel better. The photography is amazing, if you’d like check out my current poetry on the environment,

    • Absolutely! I have purchased a reusable drinks bottle which I fill up with squash, rather than buying a bottle of coke for work or commuting on the train.

      I understand the #levylatte idea, but change needs to be instigated by Starbucks, Coca Cola etc to change the cups and bottles they use, and to make them easily recyclable.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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