Jennifer Lawrence Tribute

Jennifer Lawrence turns 27 today. The Oscar-winner is seen as one of the most down-to-earth, funny and relatable actors in Hollywood. Like many of my other Tribute posts, I will list my favourite roles that she has acted out, some interesting facts, funny videos of her, and some great non-acting work she applies herself to.

Favourite 3 Roles

Katniss Everdeen | The Hunger Games Trilogy (2012-15)

IMDb | 7.6

Probably the role that many of us were introduced to Jennifer. She plays District 12 girl Katniss who volunteers as tribute in the place of her sister in The Hunger Games. These Games are held by the all-powerful Capitol, and they pit 2 people from the twelve districts to fight to the death in a reality show for their entertainment. Catching Fire is my favourite film and also book out of the series as the premise is unique, great performances all round, and thrilling action (especially the ending!).

Tiffany | Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

IMDb | 7.8

She is brilliant as troubled Tiffany. This role bagged her an Oscar. Gorgeous, but with depression and relationship problems, Tiffany comes into Pat’s (Bradley Cooper) life, who is newly released from a mental health facility. Both of them have had hard times of late, but they come together and help one another become better and happier people. The dance scenes are wonderful, especially the final scene!

Rosalyn Rosenfeld | American Hustle (2013)

IMDb | 7.3

Jennifer delivers her witty and sarcastic lines brilliantly. The ensemble cast is fantastic, Bale, Cooper and Adams all give great performances. The winning formula of David O. Russell, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence is again present in this film. Here is a great scene of Rosalyn (Jennifer) giving a stellar performance of Live and Let Die…

Some of Jennifer’s other notable roles include: Mystique (X-Men franchise), Aurora (Passengers), Joy (Joy) and Ree Jolly (Winter’s Bone). These 4 roles, coupled with my favourite 3, demonstrate how versatile and competent an actor Jennifer Lawrence is.

Facts about Jen!

– Her first informal acting role was at the age of 9… she played a prostitute!

– She has killed a squirrel…while filming for Winter’s Bone.

– When she first met Woody Harrelson in his trailer she said “Hey Woody, is that a sex swing?” It was a yoga swing.

Some funny clips of Jennifer Lawrence on The Graham Norton Show…

She has also set up the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation:

“The foundation leverages independent philanthropy initiatives, community events and popular culture memorabilia donations and auctions to positively impact the lives of young people, artists and the organizations that serve them.”

Find more here on the website! 

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9 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence Tribute

  1. I was watching Catching Fire the other day, and I feel quite disconnected from my emotions lately but there was this one scene where Lawrence’s acting just made my heart swell with sadness. It was when the guy got shot (he was from District 8 I think), and she gets so upset and it’s so real.

    I forgot she was in the Silver Linings Playbook. I really need to watch that again.

    Great tribute btw!

    • Thanks 🙂

      She is very convincing when she cries on screen- I always remember the scene in Catching Fire when the mockingjays mimic Prim’s voice and she goes kinda crazy!

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