#TrendThursday | What makes you buy a book?

#TrendThursday | What makes you buy a book?

In this edition of #TrendThursday I am asking you all, what makes you buy a book? For books like The Spy Who Came In From The Cold, Perks of Being a Wallflower and Treasure Island, my decision is based on the fact that they are classics that I would enjoy, rather than being persuaded by a particular review or description by anyone in particular. And for many others, they have been popular for years, and some have even had films made.

But for the newly released books, what makes you buy them? Is it a book review on WordPress, is it a Twitter campaign done by a publisher, what about Goodreads’ reviewers that have read an ARC, or could it be something you have seen on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook, or perhaps you are a traditionalist and you enjoy a review in a newspaper? Let me know what make you buy a book…Β 

For Young-Adult books like the Six of Crows duology andΒ The Wrath and The Dawn,Β my interest was sparked by spoiler-free reviews from book bloggers on WordPress. Following the initial interest that is sparked from the plethora of reviews that I seen in my WordPress Reader, I decided to join the hype as it were, and in regards to the Six of Crows duology, it was absolutely worth it!

Twitter has been a place that I get ideas of books that I’d like to read through various hashtags like #ukyachat and #SundayYA, I’m on a book buying ban at the moment, so I haven’t purchased many books lately, but I have some in my Amazon wishlist purely because of the recommendations that people have made during these chats.

I really like reading the Newspaper reviews, either in the traditional format or the online versions. These are a newly released books that I add to my ever growing TBR, but these are mainly Adult books, particularly thrillers. Sometimes they get a bit repetitive as the critic tries to find words they haven’t used before, but they end up re-using words like “thrilling”, “compelling” and “suspenseful” all too often.

Instagram is the place to showcase beautiful books, or ordinary books in a beautiful way. This social media site has given me ideas of how to show off my books, but not necessarily go out and buy a book based off someone else’s photo. Although, the shelfies are a firm favourite with me, and I have made a mental note that once I get my own place I will buy more colourful books so as to decorate my room. At present, most of the books I own have quite dark covers and spines, which doesn’t make for an exciting shelfie.

I follow a few YouTube channels for booktubers, and although I enjoy the videos and passion for a book they have read, I find that I prefer written recommendations more than oral ones. Perhaps that is down to the blogger putting more time into the writing of a review than the short bursts of passion that I see with booktubers who are covering many books within 10-15 minutes. An example of what I mean is that a booktuber might say “Oh my god, this book is just amazing! Just, buy it!” and then give a general description of the book or even just recite the blurb. While a book review from a blogger has a lot more information, and they have really thought about the words they are putting in the review, while also remaining passionate.

Another possibility of where people go to find books they want to read next and buy is Goodreads and Amazon. I have spent many an hour on these sites scrolling through endless amounts of books and reviews to find the book I want to read next. Plus there are giveaways! πŸ™‚

Facebook. I’ve never been persuaded to buy a book because of Facebook. Has anyone? If so, was it a specific photo, review or a recommendation?

If you could vote in the poll that would be great. But also leave a comment about what avenue makes you buy most of your books, i.e. the new releases, not the classics or books from famous best-selling writers like Rowling, Patterson, Riordan etc.

My top 3 avenues are: Book Bloggers, Goodreads and Twitter. What are yours?Β 

#TrendThursday will be once a month, expect to see the next post in mid-to-late September!

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10 thoughts on “#TrendThursday | What makes you buy a book?

  1. One of the most important factors for me is personal recommendations from people, especially some of my family members and friends who aren’t huge readers. If they go out of their way to recommend a book to me, chances are it’s going to be pretty good!
    Great post! πŸ™‚

  2. For me if the sound of the plot interests me, or it’s work by an author I love, then I will buy it or borrow from the Library. I don’t really pay much attention to the reviews as everyone has such a different opinion. What is treasure for one reader, will be rubbish for another. I just buy what takes my fancy, I don’t read something just because it gets good reviews, or avoid it because it has bad.

    • Where do you read the plot from? Is it the physical copy, or is it from Amazon, Goodreads, or somewhere else?

      Reviews are hit and miss most of the time- so I would never base a purchase because of reviews. The plot always comes first.

      • Usually the physical copy as I do a lot of book browsing. Sometimes I might look on sites like Waterstone’s to see what new titles are available in different fiction genres. If I have an author I like I will always keep an eye out for new titles from them.

      • I do love a good bookshop! I tend to use Twitter and Goodreads to keep up-to-date on my favourite authors and their newly released titles. For example, Dan Brown’s announcement of his new book Origin popped up in a Goodreads newsletter, as I had him down as a favourite author.

  3. It is weird but I don’t usually go in to a bookstore with a book in mind that I would like to buy. I normally walk around and see books that I have heard people talk about either on a blog or book tube and then I read the back to see if it intrigues me. If it does I usually look it up on Goodreads to see the reviews! That is normally the process I go through when buying a book!

    • That’s a good process! Some initial blog and booktube hype, and some checking on Goodreads before you spend money. That is something I sometimes do for books.

  4. If one of my blogger friends recommends a book, I’ll probably read it eventually. Almost all of the books on my TBR list came from blogs, BookTube, or award lists. I try to keep up with major literary awards. Interesting discussion!

    • Book bloggers and booktubers are such good advocates for books- especially the YA fiction. In terms of awards list- is it for specified genres, or the general ones like Man Booker Prize? I have added books that were award winners to my TBR list too- but nothing recently- that may change though!

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