TV Review | The Blacklist (Season 4)

The Blacklist (Season 4)
Channel: NBC
Starring: James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, Ryan Eggold, Harry Lennix, Amir Arison, Mozhan Marno, Hisham Tawfiq, Susan Blommaert, Ulrich Thomsen, Enrique Murciano.

Humpo Show Rating | 4.25 / 5

Truth will out.

Red is under attack. First by long-time adversary Alexander Kirk, and then later in the season, by a trusted friend and key part of his organisation who knows every aspect of his life intimately. Elizabeth and the Task-Force continue doing what they do best again this season, tracking down blacklisters, while also furthering Reddington’s personal and criminal agenda. Criminals aplenty, incredibly high-stakes, and fierce confrontations are the order of the day for Season 4 of The Blacklist. Fascinating viewing.  

Season 4 gradually unveils more and more about Liz’s formative years, the roles of Kirk and Red in those years, and answering some questions concerning her mother. I say “some questions”. And I say “more and more”, as there is still plenty hidden from Liz about her past, and plenty hidden from the viewers, although we know more than Liz at this point. The Season 4 finale came across as a bit of a watershed moment in terms of information about who Liz is. And I think Red will spend Season 5 trying to limit, or as he would like to call it, protect, her from information about who she is, most notably, information about her mother. That will be a key issue for Red to address as Liz will no doubt hold some frustration given the loss of a two key people from her childhood.

The format of the show has not changed much since the opening episodes, Red provides a blacklister, the Task-Force help track the person down, Red is a step ahead, furthers his own criminal agenda, and the overall story is connected to Liz’s past. This has been a successful formula that has played out very well, and whenever there is a major opponent for Red and the Task-Force, they usually have an incredible and exciting double episode; Berlin, The Director and Alexander Kirk are examples of this trope.

A key part of the show’s success and what separates it from similar secret service and criminal programmes, is the music. The choices in music are outstanding, there is a list of all the tracks used in the season here. The music in The Blacklist is a staple of the show and the brilliance of the music team. Earlier seasons may have seen songs for Reddington’s entrances and such things given a monopoly on the music with the most impact, but more and more villains have better soundtracks to accompany their heinous actions, or face-offs with Red.

Season 4 of The Blacklist has been a fantastic ride once again, and for the avid fan of the show, the prolonged episodes where Liz’s early years are are revisited by some characters is a welcome addition as the writers continue to drip-feed us information about her past…and Reddington’s. We leave this season more enlightened to both issues, as well as her mother, Kirk and her nanny’s involvement in her life. With plenty of blockbuster episodes, clever story-lines and a multitude of twists and turns, The Blacklist has confirmed itself to be one of my favourite TV shows, and the one I can binge-watch very easily.

The Humpo Show | Richard 

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