Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone 20th Anniversary Edition

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone 20th Anniversary Edition 
J. K. Rowling
House Colour | Gryffindor 

5 / 5

20 years since the biggest franchise phenomenon began. 7 books. 1 play. 1 screenplay. 1 Studio Tour. 2 theme parks. 9 films. The Wizarding World is something that has touched the lives of millions, probably billions, whether through reading the books themselves, watching the films with their children, or going to the theme park as a family. Harry Potter is something that is the definition of a modern classic. And now, Bloomsbury are releasing House Colour Editions of the beloved Philosopher’s Stone to mark the book’s 20th Anniversary.

I absolutely LOVE the new House Colour Edition books that have been released. I have decided I will just buy the Gryffindor books as I can’t be spending £36 on one book, four times haha! Then multiply that by 7. That’ll be £250 on books that I already own…

The binding, the page edges, the extras, everything about the book is magical (sorry haha!). I will treasure this book along with my original Harry Potter book and pass them on to my future children. I won’t go on any longer, just enjoy the beautiful book, I will have some on Instagram too!

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14 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone 20th Anniversary Edition

  1. I absolutely love my Hufflepuff copy too! Opted for the paperback and it’s so gorgeous and has some great extra content (although I’m too afraid to read just in case I ruin it haha). Such a bargain to add to the collection!

  2. These covers are simply amazing! I definitely need to get my hands on the Slytherin one. 😀

      • I have always been a Slytherin, so that’s why I’m sure which one I want! 🙂

    • My early birthday and Christmas lists contain the illustrated editions, and the books being released alongside the British Library Exhibition! 😍

  3. That looks beautiful! I will never get tired of these books (or the films either). I miss the sensation that surrounded a new Potter book release. Me and my parents enjoyed these together when I was growing up. I think Rowling’s writing gift is that her story appeals to both adults and kids. Can’t believe it’s been 20 years!

    • There are 2 tie-in books being released in October that coincide with The British Library’s exhibition. Plus there’s the illustrated editions. I will have no money left!!

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