London Museums

London Museums

Along with visiting the art galleries of London, I also managed to squeeze in a visit to quite a few of London’s museums. I’ll be doing the same format as my London Art Galleries post, including the Admission, Nearest Tube Station and also the areas of each museum which I enjoyed the most.

Natural History Museum

Magnificent architecture and enough exhibits to spend weeks, and months in. If anyone has been here and there weren’t queues let me know the day and time you went, as I had to do what us Brits do best…queue! There is only 80 MILLION items on display. Not only are the objects incredibly interesting in their own right, but the history surrounding their discovery is just as interesting as there are many examples of items that were discovered by Charles Darwin. As a huge fan of Sir David Attenborough’s documentaries, I loved every part about animals and the natural world.

Admission: Free.
Nearest Tube: South Kensington (Circle, District, Piccadilly).

Victoria and Albert Museum

My favourite museum out of all the museums in London. There are so many areas of interest for me, the Ancient Rome and Greece areas were particularly interesting as I studied them at university, plus the area is not too far from the main entrance. The Rotunda Chandelier is the eye-catching centrepiece of the reception area that captures your attention as you enter the main entrance. It is also one of my favourite parts of the museum as I couldn’t stop looking at it whenever I was in eye-shot of it. I visited a total of three times in three weeks, a museum with so much to offer visitors.

Admission: Free.
Nearest Tube: South Kensington (Circle, District, Piccadilly).

Imperial War Museum

A must visit for everyone. The museum covers wars spanning the centuries, including both world wars and this century’s conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The layout and presentation of artefacts is brilliant. Secret War was my favourite area of the museum, which is not a surprise considering my love spy films and books. There is a short video at the beginning of the area which I watched and it provided some useful information that was in my mind as I headed round the area. The Secret War pays a lot attention to the SAS’s rescue mission during the 1980 siege of the Iranian Embassy – this was absolutely captivating.

Admission: Free.
Nearest Tube: Lambeth North (Bakerloo) and Elephant and Castle (Bakerloo and Northern).

Science Museum

Nipped in here as it is close to the Natural History Museum. A very interesting museum, but this was the last museum that I visited over the course of a long day of museum-bingeing so I was knackered therefore I didn’t explore as much as others I had visited. The area of interest that I had when visiting was the science used for medicine during the world wars.

Admission: Free.
Nearest Tube: South Kensington (Circle, District, Piccadilly).

Museum of London

Very interesting. The building doesn’t look the most impressive from the outside in comparison to other London museums (it’s situated pretty much on a roundabout!). But the layout of the museum makes the use of the space very effectively. The history of London is intriguing and presented in a brilliant way for both kids and adults. I will definitely be making a return visit. The museum covers early origins, to Roman times, to wartime, to the swingin’ sixties, and to modern times.

Admission: Free.
Nearest Tube: St Paul’s (Central) and Barbican (Circle, Hammersmith and City, Metropolitan).

British Museum

Another favourite of mine. I visited a couple of times during my time in London, but I could easily go back another 50 times and see something I have missed every time. The view from the top balcony is amazing! For that view alone, you should pay a visit. But not too far from that spot is an area of the museum which I surprisingly enjoyed seeing the most. It was about clocks! The timepieces that the British Museum have got are absolute wonders of invention. Here’s my Instagram photo, not from the balcony though..

Admission: Free.
Nearest Tube: Holburn (Central and Piccadilly), Russell Square (Piccadilly), Tottenham Court Road (Central and Northern).

London Film Museum

Being a massive Bond fan, the Bond in Motion Exhibition at the London Film Museum was a dream come true. Cars, props and models from the films. What more could a fan want?!

Admission: £14.50
Nearest Tube: Covent Garden (Piccadilly).

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12 thoughts on “London Museums

    • That’s so cool! Where will you be studying, and what subject?
      I’m glad this has helped, if you are into Art, I’ve done a London Art Galleries post too. 🙂

      • I’ll be studying English lit at Oxford, but I’m hoping to make my way over to London a few times. I’ll definitely have to check out your art galleries post!

      • Very nice 🙂 I studied 3 modules at Worcester College (Emma Watson went there!) and the Ashmolean Museum is a must visit in Oxford, and Blenheim Palace is not too far either.

    • Given that I was interning at a publisher, I had to make sure I was responsible with money as an intern doesn’t get much. Therefore, going to museums and art galleries was a great way to spend the weekend as I didn’t have to spend a fortune.
      Thanks! 🙂

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  2. Great post! I remember I really enjoyed the Museum of London, especially their Great Fire of London Room. There is also a new documentary on some UK channel coming soon with new evidence uncovered on the Great Fire. Should be interesting. I also can never find that Film Museum at Covent Garden – it always hides from me somehow 🙂

    • That room was very interesting indeed! Might have to check it out.
      I was working on the Strand so I walked down the road and turned the corner past one of the many theatres, so I was lucky that I didn’t have far to walk.

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