#TrendThursday | Where are the male book bloggers?!

#TrendThursday | Where are the male book bloggers?!

I have decided to start a weekly post where I, and hopefully others, will offer their opinion on a particular bookish trend. Most of them will be planned, although if somethings happens in the publishing world or mainstream news that sparks something I may do a more a topical trend. If you are interested in joining in the discussion, you are more than welcome to do a blog post and tag me in it, or you can leave a comment. Suggestions for topics are also encouraged. The layout of the post is still not 100% sorted and we’ll play around with it as it early stages. 

Male bloggers, bookstagrammers, booktubers: Why the dearth of them? 

I thought I would start with something that I can talk from with some experience as I am guy! My blog began as a basic record of my book reviews, and it has developed into much more now. I now post reviews of films, music, TV shows and theatre productions, as well as a smattering of personal stuff. Now that I am more active on the blog and social media, I have found that the majority of bloggers that I follow are female, and it got me thinking: why are there so few male bloggers, in particularly book bloggers? 

The film aspect of my blog has seen me get friendly with some male bloggers and we discuss film reviews, actors and upcoming releases that we are excited about, and I would say there is a fairly even split in terms of male and female film bloggers that I follow. The same can’t be said for the book bloggers that I follow.

I only follow a handful of male book bloggers. Any ideas why? 

My answer to this conundrum is as follows…Girls are simply more passionate about the creative element and promotion of books than guys are. I have interned at a couple of publishing houses and I follow a lot of publicists and marketing assistants and managers at said establishments, and 99% of them are female too. When I was interning at Penguin in the Children’s Marketing and Publicity departments there were 40 women and 0 guys! As Publicity and Marketing requires a similar skill-set as running a blog does, as we are basically promoting books that we like (generally-speaking), there is naturally more female book bloggers than guys. 

Bookstagrammers seem to be female dominated too. I follow quite a few accounts! And they are all so aesthetically magnificent and I get book envy and ideas with every photo that I like. But again, there are few male bookstagrammers. This has called some headaches for me as I try to think of themes for my Instagram as there are very few that I can take inspiration from. Although I love endlessly browsing through girls’ Instagram pages, I can’t take inspiration from them, as many of them have candles, make-up, legs, socks, et cetera in their photos which I simply can’t do. And I can’t think of any props to include in my post that would be relevant to my female followers, unless I am posting Potter stuff, a new book review or a book giveaway. My answer to the dearth of male book bloggers is applicable for bookstagrammers too.  Girls are inherently creative, especially when it concerns books, and guys are not as passionate about the promotion or marketing of books, as evidenced in the sheer lack of numbers across social media and in work environments. 

Let me know in the comments or in a blog post next Thursday (13th) your thoughts on this trend. As it is the first #TrendThursday I won’t do a post for the 13th April so as to let people post their blog post for this trend. 

The next #TrendThursday will be …  How helpful are figures like Zoella for the publishing industry? 20th April 2017

My layout for that question will be attempting to give a balanced argument on YES and NO, but you can decide on whatever layout that you wish.

BTW, if you have any male book blogger friends that you want to give a shout out too so everyone can follow them then feel free to do so in the comments section!!

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7 thoughts on “#TrendThursday | Where are the male book bloggers?!

  1. I think there is sort of a societal cause to the disparity in the number of male vs. female bloggers. There seems to be a bit of an attitude of “reading is for girls” or “why read when you can play video games/sports/work.” Now that you mention it, I think that most of my fellow reviewers on here are female. Well, here’s another male book blogger to join you in the struggle against loneliness online haha. Very thought provoking post!

    • Thanks for your thoughts, fellow male book blogger!
      I’m trying to think of popular male bloggers, and most of them seem to be YouTube-based doing video games stuff like FIFA, Halo and League of Legends. And I’m guessing that most of the guys in the 18-30 bracket are blogging about video games, and there’s just you and me talking about books haha 🙂

  2. I know a great young male blogger, and he received a commment from someone asking why he only had “pictures with him and female authors.” I was so pissed. A girl who has a ton of pics with female authors would never get shit…maybe he’s at events where the majority of authors are men? Maybe the women are more apt to take pics with him? I don’t know but you don’t ask something like that…and that’s one reason why I feel it’s hard to be a mail book blogger in a female-heavy activity.

    • Wow that is bad. If I were to go to author events, the author would most likely be a female author of YA lit, purely because that is probably my favourite genre, and those authors are most likely doing events. I’ve never had something like that happen (thank goodness!) as every blogger, regardless of whether they are male or female, has been supportive and kind.
      Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  3. I’ve wondered about this, too. I’ve done a few internships in the publishing industry, and women always outnumbered men. I’ve also seen data that shows that women read more books than men. Maybe it’s one of those stupid gender roles things? Reading isn’t “manly” enough? I have no idea.

    • Thanks for the input Aj! Yeah, maybe it is, it certainly seems that way. I’m trying to think of ways of how to get more guys interested. The best I can come up with is targeting fantasy fans as I’m sure a number of guys would have read the books given its popularity. I feel that is the area to target in terms of getting guys to blog. But I don’t know how…

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