Films I Think Students Should Watch (Discussion Post)

Further to my other discussion post on the books that I think students should have read by the time they finish education, I have compiled a list of films that I think students should watch as films are just as important to students as they grow up. The 10 films I have chosen are from a variety of genres, displaying both males and females in lead roles, race issues, issues of sexuality, individuality, history, loss, escapism and comedy.

Let me know in the comments, or in your post, what films you would have students watch before they leave education.

Alien, Bend It Like Beckham, The Breakfast Club, Coach Carter, Dead Poet’s Society, History Boys, Hotel Rwanda, Schindler’s List, The Impossible and The Theory of Everything.

These films show a plethora of different things that help to give a student the confidence to be true to themselves and display their individual qualities. Films like The Breakfast Club and History Boys are excellent examples of the differences that each student is and how everyone has problems of their own, and that by helping each other and being who you are, then students can have a happy education.

Films like Hotel Rwanda, Schindler’s List and The Impossible provide students with human disasters in 3 continents, a massacre in Africa, the horrors of Auschwitz and the devastation of an Asian tsunami. These will show the value and fragile nature of human life, and this can instill in the students a new found appreciation of who they are, where they are and when they are.

Alien,Β Bend It Like BeckhamΒ and The Theory of EverythingΒ have strong female characters which is important for young girls as there is sometimes a perceived lack of dearth in terms of female representation in cinema. Ripley from Alien gives a powerhouse performance which is reason enough for its inclusion, but the fact that its sci-fi, and many students enjoy that genre of film makes it an enjoyable experience for them. Bend It Like Beckham has the added benefit of appealing to the British Asian and Asian population in Britain about the attitudes of the older generations that sometimes have old fashioned views about what girls and Indian girls in particular can or can’t do.

Coach Carter is targeted at two audiences in particular, black students and sports students. The film shows the worth of discipline and the need for sporty students to have a good education alongside their extra-curricular activities. To add Hotel Rwanda to the equation too, and black students are shown the excellent work that black actors make.

History Boys and Dead Poet’s Society also present the beauty of poetry, the value of friendships and also to discuss the sexuality issue. The sexuality issue is becoming more and more important for discussion with many countries legalizing gay marriage and more and more gender identities getting attention in the public sphere.

I hope that the combination of these films, if watched and discussed by students, would be able to educate them about a variety of topics to make them well-rounded humans, as well as entertaining them.

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14 thoughts on “Films I Think Students Should Watch (Discussion Post)

    • Thanks! I did do a Christmas Movie Tag as movie bloggers aren’t in for tags as much as book bloggers are.
      Feel free to make a post or suggest some films you would recommend to students. πŸ™‚

  1. I definitely don’t watch a wide enough variety of films to post, but I can certainly agree with The Theory of Everything! Broadening your horizons is a great idea for all students (I started with Trainspotting and Shawshank Redemption and would recommend both).
    I also believe it’s so important for students to embrace childhood films, old or new! It’s such a hard time so sometimes a valuable lesson or strong heroin can be what you need to keep going.

    • Two great suggestions!
      Childhood films should definitely be watched as they tend to have a moral at the heart of the story. Thanks for commenting. πŸ™‚

  2. Another great list of what students should watch. Wow…Bend it like Bekham – this is a coincidence as I’ve been meaning to give it a re-watch recently – now I’m going to do so.
    Also, I’ve just had a discussion today around the cold, hard truth of Trainspotting and how every teenager should watch this and hopefully get a wake-up call or be put off by the reality of drugs. Hopefully it will kick home and make a difference…as brutal as it is.

    On a positive note, I think every student should watch the following:
    A Walk to Remember: because it shows how people shouldn’t always worry so much about what people think due to peer pressure. They should let that true person show regardless of what anyone thinks. And, that people may have reasons for being how they are.
    Pride and Prejudice: any of them. For the good story telling but also to show the confusion that pride can bring and how prejudice may be totally wrongly aimed.
    Rebel without a Cause: another one of fitting in and finding where you fit or don’t.
    The Last of the Mohicans: because it shows that love doesn’t change who we are and that it can be found in the most unexpected of places. That you can’t force someone to love you and that you shouldn’t believe that in time, love will come. But also because it is just one wonderful movie that is so utterly romantic – the romance that we should all want and get.
    Once Upon a Time in the West: because everyone should see at least one excellent western.
    Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away: to realise that pure escapism and fantasy can drive a compelling story.

    There are so many more – some wonderful classics and other.

  3. This is a pretty cool idea Richard and thanks for thinking of me. I would say Schindler’s List is one all students should see to witness someone going against the powerful system and saving lives in the horrifying Holocaust.

      • It sure left a mark on my mind. There are loads of other films that I would advise students to view. For one about the pains of growing up and having one last moment of childhood adventure, Stand By Me is perfect.

      • Absolutely! I was tempted to make the list longer so I could incorporate more childhood and coming-of-age films. Stand By Me would be top of the list for those.

      • I adore that movie. It really taps into the feelings of uncertainty regarding growing up and the long lasting impact of friendship.

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