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As I have been watching a few 80’s and 90’s comedy films that are considered classics lately I thought I would do a musical post about the soundtracks that featured in those films, and songs that are similar.

Free | All Right Now
Released: 1970
Hard/Blues Rock single that has an unmistakable chorus that everyone has heard before. This song fits into the genre of films that I have been watching lately perfectly. A song that can be played at parties and everyone can dance to, or in the car when friends are rocking out.

Lynyrd Skynyrd | Tuesday’s Gone
Released: 1973
From Dazed and Confused.
Classic/Southern Rock. One of the best songs from the film, and it appears at the end when the party is rolling up and everyone is going their separate ways.

Fact: Following 9/11, which was a Tuesday, this song along with other titles was listed as a post-9/11 inappropriate title.

Bachman-Turner Overdrive | Taking Care of Business
Released: 1973
Rock single. The song holds the record for the biggest guitar jam in history. 1,322 amateur guitarists performed at an event that lasted 68 minutes!

KISS | I Wanna Rock N Roll All Night
Released: 1975
From Dazed and Confused.
Hard Rock. My knowledge of KISS is limited to The Simpsons and Family Guy episodes, plus references in American sitcoms and films. They have only had 2 top 10 singles in the UK, but have had a host of hits in the U.S. This is KISS’ signature song, and a signature party hit that makes it impossible not to rock out to!

John Cougar/Mellencamp | Hurts So Good
Released: 1982
Rock single. This single spent the longest of any 1980’s single in the top 10, yet it never reached number one mainly due Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger”. From the same album, the song “Jack and Diane” was released, and both songs became two of Mellencamp’s most played hits.

Bob Seger | Old Time Rock and Roll
Released: 1984
From Risky Business.
Rock single. Tom Cruise’s iconic dance is and will always be associated with this song. The song features on the American Film Institute’s 100 Best Songs List in American Cinema. It was also listed as one of the 25 Songs of the Century by the Recording Industry Association of America.   

Guns N’ Roses | Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
Released: 1990
Hard/ Blues Rock. A cover of Bob Dylan’s single which was released on the same album as another one of their biggest hits, “Welcome to the Jungle”.

3 thoughts on “Recent Songlist

  1. Jack and Diane is my most played John Cougar song but I do like Hurts so Good. They good tunes to clean to at least haha. Knocking on heavens door is an absolute classic.

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