TV Review | Planet Earth II

Planet Earth II
Channel: BBC One
Narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

Humpo Show Rating | 5 / 5

Another quite incredible documentary from the BBC, narrated by the national treasure that is, Sir David Attenborough. Planet Earth II is the sequel to the nature documentary Planet Earth which was made 10 years previous. In 2006, the series was the first to be broadcast in high definition, which this series was the first to be produced in 4K resolution, and using the latest technologies for camerawork such as drones.

Regularly attracting over 11-13 million viewers every Sunday evening, Planet Earth II even trounced Simon Cowell’s long running “singing” show X Factor, some weeks even having double the audience! It was with great happiness that more 18-30 year olds watched Planet Earth II than the X Factor. Faith in humanity restored!

The episodes concerned themselves with a particular habitat on the Earth and what and how the animals cope with the trials and tribulations that the habitat has in store for them. The episodes include: Islands, Mountains, Jungles, Deserts, Grasslands and Cities. In all of these episodes ran five themes that made the series perfect.

Attenborough’s Narration

His voice is synonymous with nature documentaries, and in his over 60 years of television work he has become the nation’s grandfather. When he talks it feels like he is only talking to you, and everything he says is important. Nothing else needs to be said. Just amazing.

Hans Zimmer Music

The perfect composer. His music provides the perfect backdrop for some of the exhilarating action that is captured, especially between predator and prey. His experience with cinematic scores for Gladiator, Inception and Interstellar are world class, and he brings the same intensity to the various scenes in the animal kingdom, with great success.

Incredible Camerawork

At the end of each episode there is a 10-15 minute segment showing the enormous lengths that the camera crew and every other person involved in the production of the episodes. These people are truly extraordinary. In the opening episode, Islands, the crew were filming on the isolated Zavodovski Island, near Antartica, were the largest colony of penguins anywhere on the Earth live. They not only captured the most incredible and shocking images of penguins living there and the perilous nature of their lives, but the crew were also subject to horrendous conditions which made for a Hollywood-like escape off the island and back onto their boat.

The drones, the mobile cameras or even the old fashioned methods were all used to capture moments of beauty.

The Animals

Of course, the magnificent creatures are the undoubted stars of the series!

I will list my favourite three, which is a very hard task!

My favourite from the series was the harvest mouse. Unbelievably cute! And the other honourable mentions go to: the Glass Frog, who was such a hero! And of course, everyone’s favourite…the Iguanas! The footage of the iguanas vs the snakes is probably the best and most exciting nature documentary footage ever!

Planet Earth 2 harvest mouse

The Message

Much like DiCaprio’s Before the Flood, Planet Earth has shown how humans have impacted the environments of wildlife across the globe. In his passionate speech in the final episode of the series, David implores us to think about other creatures before we build another city of concrete without a second thought for the other inhabitants of this planet.

We are not the sole and most important creatures on this Earth, we need to learn to share, before we see or fail to see the extinction of beautiful animals.

For more videos of Planet Earth II, check out the BBC Earth YouTube Channel. The series will be aired on BBC America on January 28, 2017.

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