Mr. Robot Season One (Short Review)

Mr. Robot Season One

4 / 5
IMDb Rating: 8.7
Starring: Rami Malek, Christian Slater, Carly Chaikan, Portia Doubleday and Martin Wallstrom.
Genre: Drama | Pyschological Thriller, Techno-Thriller. 

mr-robotCaptivating and daring, Mr. Robot is a stylistic conspiracy thriller that follows a computer engineer named Elliot Alderson who’s approached by a group of vigilante hackers called “fsociety” to help them bring down the banking conglomerate Evil Corp. in order to wipeout the public debt. This fascinating premise is solid base for the show, and when you throw in a psychologically disturbed young man (Elliot), who also happens to be a brilliant hacker, then we fall upon a winning formula.

Elliot struggles to connect with other people and he discern between fantasy and reality; which places fsociety’s project in jeopardy as well as his own life. Narrated by Elliot, the show breaks the third wall in a rather interesting manner; by having him talk to the audience as if they were a voice in his head. The narration is made all the more interesting by having our main character suffering from  a variety of mental problem and paranoia, which makes everything we see and hear, questionable.

Mr. Robot draws some comparisons to Fight Club, the cohesive storyteliing, merciless criticism of modern society or the complex and morally questionable lead characters. Elliot’s paranoia amongst these themes are the staple of what the show is about, and these characteristics bring out the best in one another. The viewers feel they are on his side for the most part, but some decisions and thoughts are perhaps, not the ones we share nor advocate.

Featuring a fairly strong cast, special mentions to Rami Malek, Carly Chaikin and Christian Slater; who all give incredible performances. To complement the top notch acting, the atmospheric setting is full to the brim of sinister and foreboding elements which make for irresistible viewing. Full of intrigue, Season 1 of Mr. Robot is incredibly intense and extremely engaging.

Richard | The Humpo Show


7 thoughts on “Mr. Robot Season One (Short Review)

  1. I absolutely loved the first season of Mr. Robot. That sense of anticipation was never too far away. Elliot is the definition of an unreliable narrator and I love that the revelations took their time to reveal themselves because I never really knew what to believe. I started watching season 2 and I need to get back into it but to do that I need time haha.

    • I watched this a couple of months ago and its been sitting in my drafts for ages. I’m currently watching other things atm, so I haven’t started watching season two yet, but I definitely will!

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