Hellishly Brilliant

Here is a reblog of my very first book review! I am going to see Inferno at the cinema tonight, so I will compare how different the book and film versions are in a later post.

Dan Brown: Inferno


Thrilling, compelling and exhilarating.

A captivatingly entertaining novel gripping the reader with Brown’s identifiable burning hot pace, following Langdon in his quest through Florence, Venice and Istanbul in his attempts to prevent a scientist’s world-altering plan to deal with global overpopulation.

Langdon awakes in a hospital bed suffering from amnesia with several days missing from his memory. With his most reliable tool and a part of his psyche gone, he has to trust Sienna Brooks, a blonde doctor with a brilliant mind and equally brilliant acting ability. The only clues they have to go on is Langdon’s fleeting visions of a grey-haired woman remonstrating to “seek and ye shall find” and a digitally altered faraday pointer of Botticelli’s Map of Hell.

The villain is a reckless scientist, Bertrand Zobrist, who has a staggering intellect and he has grown tired of the powerful refusing…

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