Hall of Fame Songs List (Live Version)

Hall of Fame Songs List (Live Version)

Following on from my Hall of Fame Songs List, I thought I should do a Live Version due to the memorable, iconic and beautiful live performances below. This is a bit of a mixed bag, from huge stadium performances to intimate acoustic studio performances. There should be a song that everyone will like below.

Queen | Radio GaGa

Live Aid | Wembley Stadium, London | 1985
The Great Entertainer. My all time favourite live performance! Nothing can top this. My favourite Queen song,

Bryan Adams | Summer of ’69

World Tour | Everywhere | 1993
An absolute classic, and a beautiful live performance. The emphasis is on the audience in this one, and that is what makes it extraordinary.

Goo Goo Dolls | Iris

4th of July Gig| Buffalo | 2009
There is something about singing out a stirring song in front of thousands of people in the pouring rain isn’t there?

Espen Lind, Kurt Nilsen, Alejandro Fuentes, Askil Holm | Hallellujah

Først & Sist Interview | Norway | 2006
My favourite rendition of Hallelujah. I recently stumbled on this obscure video (sorry Scandanavians) on YouTube and I fell in love with it.

John Mayer | Slow Dancin’ in a Burnin’ Room

Where the Light is Tour | Los Angeles | 2008
One of my all time favourite artists. This album is by far the best album of his in my opinion, and Slow Dancin’ is my favourite song from the album. Incredible performance.

Kelly Clarkson | Piece by Piece

American Idol | Los Angeles | 2016
Emotional, and above all, incredible performance by Kelly. The lyrics are meaningful and she delivers them brilliantly. Also, props to the pianist, who tailors his performance do Kelly’s brief moments of emotional outpourings.

Mumford and Son | I Will Wait

Babel Album | Red Rocks, Colorado | 2012
Probably my favourite venue for artists and bands to perform at. Although technically this is not the live version (it’s the live show, dubbed over with the studio recording) but the video encapsulates the fantastic audience perfectly.

Jack Savoretti | Nobody ‘Cept You

Cosmopolitan Quartet Sessions | London | 2016
A totally different change of pace to the others. This one is an acoustic and live cover of a Bob Dylan song. Jack Savoretti is fast becoming one of my favourite current artists due to his unique voice and talent.

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