Hall of Fame Songs List

Hall of Fame Songs List

In this musical post I have decided to post some of my favourite songs which have featured in various Songs posts before, but as there has been 16 editions of Songs, averaging 8 songs a post, that is 128 songs, and some of these songs need a greater spotlight on them. Hence this Hall of Fame Songs List, which I will add to whenever a song really impresses me.

The first 7 songs to be inducted to the Hall of Fame are: Learn to Fly (Foo Fighters), Howl (Gaslight Anthem), All Goes Wrong (Chase and Status), The Wolf (Mumford and Sons), Iron Sky (Paolo Nutini), A Rush of Blood (Coasts) and Young Blood (The Naked and Famous).

Foo Fighters | Learn To Fly

Album: There is Nothing Left to Lose (1999)
First Listen: No idea! The most epic song of all time! I’ve included the same video I included in my original Songs post where Foo Fighters featured. This amazing rendition of Learn To Fly from a 1,000 musicians in Cesena, Italy to get the Foo Fighters to play at Cesena….which they did!

Gaslight Anthem | Howl

Album: Handwritten (2012)
First Listen: The final soundtrack of the film 21 and Over, a film which has a plethora of scores that I enjoy listening to. This song in particular gets me inspired, motivated and entertained all at the same time. The combination of the music, lyrics and singing blend together perfectly, and even though I love many of their songs, Howl remains my favourite for the two minutes of inspiration that they have created.

Chase and Status | All Goes Wrong ft. Tom Grennan

Album: –
First Listen: BT Football Advert. The advert is perhaps the best sporting advert I have ever seen, the graphics are seemlessly blended together, but the background music is insanely addictive. I have chosen to include this version rather than the official single as this remixed version just has something special about it.

Mumford and Songs | The Wolf

Album: Wilder Mind (2015)
First Listen: Their astonishing performance on The Graham Norton Show, which undoubtedly is the best live performance on the show’s history. The Wolf is a foray in to a more alternative rock song for the band, away from the folk inspired music which saw them gain fain.

Paolo Nutini | Iron Sky

Album: Caustic Love (2014)
First Listen: Radio Two. Out of the songs on this list, Iron Sky has the most meaningful lyrics by far, it even includes a Charlie Chaplin speech from the film The Great Dictator. A stirring masterpiece which consciously comments on the world’s political and social events with a message which will never not be relevant as long as the world is an imbalanced and dangerous place.

Coasts | A Rush of Blood

Album: Coasts (2016)
First Listen: Radio Two. I heard their single Ocean on the radio and I really liked their Rock/Indie sound, so I decided to check out the rest of their debut album. And after listening to it, it was a close battle between A Rush of Blood and Modern Love, so check out both songs, for the moment A Rush of Blood just edged it for me.

The Naked and Famous | Young Blood (Dekade remix)

Album: Passive Me, Aggressive You (2010)
First Listen: A song from the film 21 and Over, and its sound is perfect for this modern American Pie/The Hangover-style film, targeting the twenty-somethings who love a party anthem. The electro and synthpop basis for the song is great, but this remixed version just makes it a fantastic song to dance and listen to, as well as letting it wash over you.


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