Family Holiday in Norfolk

Family Holiday in Norfolk
(Hopton and Yarmouth)

Sorry I haven’t been blogging this week but I have been on a family holiday with my parents, my brother, his fiance, her little boy and my 18-month nephew. We went to a caravan resort overlooking the beach, and every day we had sunny weather which was a bit of a shock! Here are some snaps from our time in Norfolk…

my_collage (61)

Places we visited:

0 Hopton Caravan Resort- pitch and putt golf (I shot a +1 over 9 holes!), amusements and the outdoor activities area.
0 The Beach!!!
0 The Model Village- we had a lovely walk around the model village, I was the photographer and cameraman for the day, making sure I got plenty of photos and videos of my nephew’s first holiday. 🙂
0 Yarmouth Pier
0 Yarmouth Shops

We had a lovely time, but it is nice to be back home in my own bed especially as the bed I slept in was too small for me (my feet hung out of the bottom of the bed!). Also, I am hopeful of getting a work placement with Penguin Random House soon as I had been successful with one of my applications for Vintage Publicity role, however it was for the same week as this holiday (which was a last minute deal), and I ended up choosing the holiday as I didn’t want to miss out on my nephew’s first holiday. Hopefully I get the opportunity again!!!

Also, as I have been offline for the past week, post some of your new blog posts in the comments section so I can catch up on what I have missed! 🙂 

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