The Cursed Child | The Reviews | Part Two

The Cursed Child | The Reviews | Part Two

Due to the immense amount of bloggers that have reviewed The Cursed Child, I have decided to make a Part Two post rather than carry on adding more and more reviews to one list. To see the first list, click here. There is a bit of a mixed reaction among Potterheads…

The Reviews - Part Two

Ola Reads Books | 4 Stars. What a pleasure it was to read about Harry Potter again..

Nerdy Is Beautiful | slightly like a fan-fiction and a little cheesy..

The Return Box Books | 3 Stars.

Slumber Party Massacre | a kind of nostalgia..

Reading, Writing … and More Reading! | A very detailed review.

Can’t Help Falling Into a Book | 5 Stars.

The Book Llama | 5 Stars. Loved it..

Escape From Reality | 5 Stars. So in love with this story..

Jenn Faughnan | 5 Stars. No words.. (Spoiler Free Review)

Fantasy Raconteur | 8.5-9 / 10 (SFR)

A Gingerly Review | Unputdownable..

 Clap Your Shands | 1 Star. If book burning were ever justified..

Beautiful Nonsense Blog | Some very interesting thoughts here.

Trying To Have The Last Word | 4 Stars. This is fun..

Saturday On Wednesday | Favourite bits from Part One..

Heather Writes | 5 Stars. Cursed Child is created to be seen..

Daniella Writes | Read like bad fan-fiction..but I loved every minute..

Endlessly Shifting | 2 Stars. The play was not good..

Benson Memorial Library | 2 Stars. Reads more like half-baked fan-fiction.. 

ElliesBookshelf | Review/Essay/Sonnet for Cursed Child..

The Laurenest | It was just… was just…OK.. 

Coolbeans4 | all Potter fans will love The Cursed Child..

Casi Hamilton | I guess I don’t consider it Harry Potter..

Tales From A Bibliophile | clearly wasn’t on par with the original series..still delightful..

Sabrina Ingram’s Blog | 3 Stars. Felt like reading an ordinary fan fiction..

Wander Free | really quite disappointed..

Book Adventures | 4 Stars. Quite enjoyable..

The Perpetual Creator | A list of thoughts in a Worst and Best list.

Adam Vitcavage | a meandering disappointment..

Clover and Lily | 6/10. I love Harry Potter and this was lacking all the magic involved in his stories..

Kirsty and the Cat Read | 3.5 Stars. The characters were great..but the plot for me let it down a little.. (SFR)

Craig Tier | Harry Potter and WTF is going on?

Media Minded | 4 Stars. Felt like decent fan-fiction rather than actual canon..

North Wind’s Journey | Some things a Potterhead hated about Cursed Child.

Literature and Lattes | 4.75 Stars. Not quite as thrilling as the others, but every bit as magical.. (SFR) 

My Left Foot Forward | this journey was disappointing..

Beauty & Books | 3 Stars. The are way too many plot holes here..

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