The Cursed Child | The Reviews

The Cursed Child Reviews

Here are some reviews of the Cursed Child for those Potterheads that want to see what other bloggers think of it. If you know anyone that has done a review, put a comment in the comments section and I’ll add them too it. Have fun looking through them all! And a quick sorry to my followers for my Harry Potter obsession the last couple of days!!!

Cursed Child

Stories & Scripts | it isn’t the same, but that’s okay (Spoiler Free Review) 

Twenty Three Pages | 5 Stars (SFR) 

Lisa Tiller | one for the adults (SFR) 

Artificial Writing Intelligence | sigh… 

Swimming Through Literature | 5 Stars (SFR)

Amanda Salisbury | the play is everything the books aren’t…

Jonathan Fisher | 5 Stars (SFR)

LOQUACIOUSYLITERATE | a thoroughly enjoyable addition… (SFR)

Stories, Stardust and Sonder | If you’re looking for the eighth Harry Potter story, don’t look here

Urban Oracle | 3 Stars

Daily Geekette | 2 different reviews 

The Hogwarts Pensieve | a fun addition that does take the reader back to the world of Hogwarts… (SFR) 

The Wizarding Files | 4 Stars 

A Reader’s Whimsy | a simple continuation of the world [of Potter]

The Aahir Entry | J. K. Rowling has never disappointed, and the magic is very much alive… 

Written Word Worlds | the best thing I’ve read all year…. [SFR] 

Bookish Kirra | 5 Stars 

I Think, I Over Think! | a tribute to the series… [SFR]

Booksplore! | completely dissatisfied… 

The Reading Bug | hugely disappointing… 

Red Hair and Other Colors | a thrilling ride and a beautiful story... [SFR] 

Boshemia | a 24 hour roller-coaster of my own scepticism, surprise, disappointment, absolute joy, and open sobbing.

Simply 20s Life | okay… [the Spoiler Free Review]

Jeeves Williams | 3 Stars

Cdalaisme | 4 Stars

Sail Away | good but not great… 

Bookworm Bakes | Plenty of thoughts here!  

Cute but Hangry | felt like convoluted fan-fiction, but it was a cute extension to Harry Potter...

Eva Holland | so, so, SO good..

Bookish Muggle | a wonderful read… 

Casey E. Hamilton | it probably wasn’t the thing you were expecting to get…

This is Lit | 3.5 Stars

A Frolic Through Fiction | 5 Stars

By Hook or By Book | 3.5 Stars

Clemi’s Bookish World | 5 Stars

Mortal Reader | 5 Stars (SFR)

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