Hans Zimmer Tribute

Hans Zimmer Tribute

The German composer is a musical genius. I have compiled a list of (only) seven tracks below that he has composed for various films, some you will instantly recognise. However, this list merely scratches the service of this man’s incredible repertoire, which has seen him pick up an Academy Award, Golden Globes, Grammys and Classical BRITs. If you desire, you can pop on to YouTube and find hours upon hours of his work from various films, and others from his albums. The 17th, 18th and 19th century had talented composers like Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, where the connoisseurs of music would listen in wonder to their brilliant pieces of music, today we have their equivalent, Hans Zimmer.

hans zimmer

Inception | Time
Inception is one of my favourite films, and there are some wonderful pieces of music that seamlessly flow with the story-line. Time is one of them, Dream is Collapsing is another. Time is a magical piece of music which transcends the confines of the film it was designed for, and has become something that speaks to the listener on a deeper level. It can inspire, entertain, influence thinking, soothe, or anything else the listener can take away from listening to it.

Interstellar | Soundtrack
Again, another favourite film of mine, and again there are multiple soundtracks which are all incredibly brilliant, such as; No Time For Caution, Day One Dark and Mountains. Each of these are perfectly suited to the film’s mood and feel, each of them gives off an other-worldly vibe that beats any other outer space film’s attempts. Tension is ramped up effortlessly in the other soundtracks I have mentioned, again, complementing the film’s action and character’s emotion in terrific style.

Pirates of the Caribbean, World’s End | One Day
I have chosen a soundtrack from the third film rather than the first two, as they are more memorable and this needs to have more spotlight given to it. From 0.01 to 4.02, this piece of music is spectacular, and idiosyncratic of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy (we’re not counting Stranger Tides are we?!). The unmistakable style he has imparted onto the PotC franchise is encapsulated in this wonderfully adventurous soundtrack which is as entertaining as it is artistic.

The Dark Knight Rises | Soundtrack
If this doesn’t make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, nothing will. An utterly compelling and ferocious soundtrack which is the perfect foil for the introduction of a menacing villain, such as Bane. When the music falls slightly, it picks up again, providing the perfect state of being on your guard as the audience are unaware of what will come to pass in the upcoming on-screen action. This adds to the sense of danger that comes with Bane, and the struggle that Batman encounters in this closely fought match up.

Batman Begins | Eptesicus (with James Newton Howard)
The Chase is also unbelievable (make sure to check it out!!!). I chose Eptescius as it is probably less known, but it marks the beginning of Batman, and from 2.00 onwards, it is characteristic of the future films to come after this. When I listen to this piece of music, I immediately put myself in Batman’s shoes, and the adrenaline pumps through me and I feel a sense of invincibility. Highly recommended to play during a workout or before a sporting event.

The Pacific | Honor
A breathtakingly good TV show, which had this immediately recognisable introduction. This conjured a tear or two during the final episode. Perfect music for The Pacific.

Gladiator | Now We Are Free
Ending with perhaps one of his most famous soundtracks, the ending soundtrack for Gladiator. If you don’t shed a tear watching that final scene, you are not human! A truly epic film, which has its legacy assured with having the perfect music to accompany the emotional finale. A fine way to end my list of Zimmer masterpieces!

Let me know if you have a favourite from the list, and if you have one which is not on the list. 🙂 

10 thoughts on “Hans Zimmer Tribute

  1. He’s probably my next favourite after John Williams. Love the Inception score – remember we downloaded the inception sleeping app when the film came out with the music on.

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