What Should I Start Watching? (YOU Decide!)

What Should I Start Watching? 

With Game of Thrones over, there is a void I need to fill, so I’m asking you to suggest something to watch. My friends watch some of these and have told me how amazing they all are, but I’m letting you decide which I should watch. The poll lasts a week. Happy voting! I’m looking forward to your decision. 🙂

Once the result is in, I’ll post a comment in the comments section to announce the winner!



4 thoughts on “What Should I Start Watching? (YOU Decide!)

  1. You have me torn. Part of me is saying Mr. Robot and the other is saying The Walking Dead so the only solution is to watch both!!! Both are easy binge watching sessions and they have fascinating and layered characters. The only reason I’d vote Mr. Robot first is because now is the perfect time to catch up on season 1 since the second is set to come out next month. 😀

    • In all honesty I want to watch everything on the list! I just couldn’t decide what to start watching first. Mr. Robot does look like a riveting programme, and the easiest to catch up on!

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