Finished University!

Finished University!

No more lectures, no more assignments, no more exams. 5 years of studying at University of Leicester, and 3 modules at Worcester College, Oxford, is now over. In just over a month or so, I will have my results of my BA Humanities and Art degree posted through my door, and my graduation in mid-July. Then it will officially all be over!

I am in the unique position of having no student debt and have made a profit out of going to university (Part-Time course, and I earned below the threshold so I didn’t have to pay any fees). After I have finished working at university (currently temping at an office on campus), I hope to get some work experience or an internship at a publishing house in London, and take a much needed holiday/travelling before entering the world of work.

WP_20160420_13_23_54_ProΒ University has been a wonderful experience. Not only have the lectures been interesting and insightful, but sometimes inspirational. The course has opened up avenues of study which I would never have dreamt of studying 5 years ago. Some of my favourite modules have been; “The Causes of the American Civil War” [see below], “Ancient Rome and The Aeneid“, “First World War Poetry”, “European Architecture”, “The Philosophy of Literature” and “Islam in the Modern World”. All of the modules have been eye-opening, and the lecturers and seminars usuallyΒ left me feeling wiser, not only from the lecturers’ expertise but also fellow student’s input.

my_collage (55)

Over the course of my studies, I have undertaken 3 modules at Worcester College | Oxford University- European Architecture, Pursuit of Liberty (English, French, American Revolutions) and Roman Britain. I have completely fallen in love with Oxford and wish that I had been cleverer enough (and rich enough!) to have studied here full-time. The architecture, history, art and general feeling of the city was great, and I intend to come back and visit again and again.

Fun fact: Emma Watson studied at Worcester College for a time!

Worcester College - Oxford University

I have met some lovely and hilarious people at uni, been on some great nights out, learned some amazing things, been lectured by Sir David Attenborough, felt theΒ euphoric atmosphere that Leicester City’s success has brought and many other wonderful moments. My grade is going to be either an Upper 2:1 or a First, though it will be a very fine margin either way. Though I would love a First Class Degree on my CV, an Upper 2:1 is perfectly acceptable for any career pathway I choose to go for.

Currently temping as a Filing and Archive Assistant for a Research Department at uni, doing data-entry, filing, etc. This job perhaps explains why I still feel in limbo over finishing uni, as I only had 3 days of freedom before heading back there to start job. I just can’t keep away!


15 thoughts on “Finished University!

    • Thanks mate!
      It has been crazy in Leicester for the last couple of months. Even the University changed the names of buildings after the footballers. Bit weird reading “your exam is in the Jamie Vardy Building, Room 116” haha

  1. Super well done for finishing – university is tough at the best of times but part time and still working deserves extra credit. Great to have no debt though. Fingers crossed for the result you want. Still super jealous you got to see Attenborough’s lecture!!

    • Thanks!
      Quite a few of my friends are still jealous that I got to see him, especially as his 90th birthday celebrations have been on TV recently.

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  3. Congratulations on your graduation! I hope that you will find success in the line of career that you are going for. This is just the beginning of a new world for you. Have fun and enjoy the ride πŸ˜‰

  4. awww congratulations.. I was in Leicester for some time and the pictures bring back memories of the walks around town to soak it up.. I wish you all the best for the metamorphosis. πŸ˜€

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