Taking A Break From Blogging

Taking A Break From Blogging…and some thoughts on “courtesy likes”

Title says it all really. My final year at university is taking over at the moment and for the foreseeable future. Blogging is taking a backseat for the time being, especially seeing as my personal reading is suffering quite badly due to the extensive catalogue of academic books and journals that I have been reading lately. I won’t put a date when I return to the blogging world as I have no idea when that will be, it might be when I finish my finals.

I’ll miss quite a few of you, especially those who have taken a real interest in my blog, but recently I have noticed that my blog gets what I have been calling “courtesy likes” and that my readership has a fake appearance somewhat. Any post I put up, I get between 10-20 likes and I’d say 75% of the likes are the same people that like the post without having read it. When I began blogging I would have enjoyed seeing my likes reaching the twenties, but now I would swap 20 fake likes for one real comment from someone genuinely interested by the post. Whenever I like or comment on someone’s post, I do it because I am either, genuinely interested by the post, see a well written and thoughtful review, find it funny, responding to someone doing a Book Tag, or I am congratulating someone on a milestone.

Does anyone else get “courtesy likes”?

When I return to blogging I plan to go through every blog I follow and decide whether I am actually interested by their content (I followed a lot of blogs through various follow parties etc). Catch up on my reading: The Wrath and The Dawn, Prince of Mist, Ruby in the Smoke and some more James Bond books. Post some film reviews: still have Interstellar, Age of Ultron and Mad Max in draft form. Have a schedule that I can manage and isn’t too erratic. Perhaps post some academic posts or something different to reviews.


Thank you everyone that has followed my blog and found it interesting! 🙂

I would appreciate it if you didn’t like this post and left a comment instead. Just to see who actually has read this post and made it this far haha! 


12 thoughts on “Taking A Break From Blogging

  1. I do get them, I suspect. I’m not a “stat” page devotee, other than the map. I like the map. I’m sure it’s just what you said. Someone who follows you, but not religiously, seeing your post in their feed, and being too busy to sit and read all of everybody’s posts. So they scan and like as they pass by. I’m guessing we all do it to some degree. I’m guessing we all have it done to us. I don’t take it personally, just pleased that some folks noticed a post. And, speaking for my experience, I have maybe a couple hundred followers (which still boggles me), yet maybe 25-50 that I converse with, or have really gotten to know, and see as a long-distance friend. The majority, I never see signs that they are even around. I’d just roll with it. Good luck in year final year! Study hard, it’ll pay off.

  2. I’ll both leave a like AND a comment! Good luck on your final year, I’m sure you’ll do well. Yes, I seem to get “courtesy likes”, but I don’t really mind. At least someone’s paying attention! It’s tough enough to keep up with the comments I get, I can imagine it’d be impossible if they ALL commented! Anyway, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and hope we’ll be seeing you soon. Again, good luck at university!

  3. Sympathy likes exist, I know I’ve had some and definitely given some. The like I give on this post is genuine though! Hope to see you blogging again soon 🙂

  4. Sometimes we all need a break, Richard, especially when you have something important to focus on. The important part is knowing when you need the break. While I will miss your blogging, I wish you well.
    I don’t mind courtesy likes, but obviously I prefer if people read my posts and comment, share, etc., you know participate…then again, I know how busy I get and I don;t always find the time (notice I didn’t say have the time) to comment when I should, but you (and other bloggers) were always on my mind. 😉
    I’d love to see any kind of reviews you choose to post. All the best with everything. 🙂

  5. Sucks that you’re leaving but great on you for noticing and choosing your priorities. I can’t wait to see those reviews you mentioned when you come back, especially The Wrath and the Dawn because I read it this month and 😍

  6. Loads of luck with your finals – you do right to take a break. As for courtesy likes, yes, I see them all the time. Often they come after I’ve liked / commented on another blog who I perhaps don’t follow or haven’t read in a while. And then there are the ones that pop up en masse after someone has followed me. There’s no way they can have read five posts in two minutes!! Likes are wonderful, but I do prefer the interaction of comments. Although I’m guilty of not always commenting – I can’t always think of something interesting to say! See you on the flip side 🙂

  7. I get courtesy likes a lot, especially with book reviews of popular titles. I’m also guilty of doing it a couple of times in the past. Good luck with university and I hope everything goes accordingly as you planned. 🙂

  8. Thank you all for your nice comments!
    It seems we’re all victim to some degree to courtesy likes, in future I won’t let it affect me.
    See you all soon! 🙂

  9. The final year of uni is always the most chaotic so I definitely understand the need for the blogging break. It’s why I waited until after graduation to start the blog.

    With regards ti the courtesy likes, I too get quite a few of them but I also find that I am guilty of doing the same. If I find that I’m short of time I’m more likely to like than comment but I do try to go back to the posts and comment.

    Good luck with uni. Don’t let the workload bring you down and have plenty of snacks on hand haha.
    I look forward to hearing your thought on Age of Ultron and Wrath and the Dawn when you get that free time you deserve. 😀

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