Update: Sorry for not posting!

Update: Β Sorry for not posting!

I’ve not posted lately due to University assignments (Ancient Greek Drama and Culture, and, American Civil War). Little update about that: still on for a strong 2:1, but if American Civil War goes well and my final module Roman Britain also follows suit then there is a possibility of a First.

I have also been quite ill with the winter vomiting virus which has actually seen the city centre hospital close a couple of wards due to the high volume of cases. But I am better now!!!

My reading recently has consisted of academic books, journals, 19th century newspaper articles, memoirs and book reviews concerning the American Civil War era and Abraham Lincoln, but I will make time to squeeze in some personal reading of my own this month and next. I have The Wrath and Dawn, Prince of Mist and From Russia With Love sitting on my table waiting to be read at the moment! I am also going to try and post another Short Film Ratings post as well as a first Short TV Ratings post too, so watch this space haha! πŸ™‚

Check out the fifth round of the Opinion Battles, the topic this time is Favourite Action Hero (Non Comic Book), my choice is Indiana Jones!

If any of you have posts that you’d like me to see (I have missed a lot of your posts over the past couple of weeks) then please leave a link in the comments section so I can check them out!



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